The first Australasian species of the halophilic pseudoscorpion genus Paraliochthonius (Pseudoscorpiones: Chthoniidae)

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 2 years ago

ABSTRACT – The widespread halophilic genus Paraliochthonius Beier is recorded from Australasia for the first time, and two new species are recorded: P. darwini from tropical northern Australia and P. vachoni from New Caledonia. Paraliochthonius darwini is based upon several adults and a tritonymph, whilst P. vachoni is based on a male and a tritonymph. A key to the species of Paraliochthonius is presented, and the taxonomic status of P. insulae Hoff (from Jamaica), P. puertoricensis Muchmore (from Puerto Rico), P. johnstoni (Chamberlin) (from Mexico) and P. mexicanus Muchmore (from Mexico) is assessed, with Paraliochthonius mexicanus being removed from synonymy with P. johnstoni and regarded as a distinct species. New terms are proposed for two morphologies of the chelal teeth: diastemodentate for teeth in which a gap is present between adjacent teeth, and juxtadentate for teeth that are abutting each other.

KEYWORDS: new species, morphology, taxonomy, Australia, New Caledonia

Author(s) Mark S. Harvey
Records 25 : Part 3
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