Distribution of the family Littorinidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in Thailand

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 4 years ago

ABSTRACT – The distribution of the family Littorinidae in mangroves and on rocky shores in Thailand was studied, Fourteen species of Littoraria, Echinolittorina and Peasiella were recorded from 50 survey sites, bringing the total known for the country to 16 species. Two species were recorded for the first time in Thailand Littoraria conica was found in only two places in southern Thailand, both on the Andaman Sea, Echinolittorina feejeensis occurred on scattered granite rocks on sandy beaches in the splash zone of offshore islands where the water is clear both in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. It is dominant at Ko Kumpun, Trat Province, Habitats occupied by the three genera are distinct. Echinolittorina and Peasiella occur primarily on intertidal rocks though occasional individuals are found in the seaward fringe of mangroves; Littoraria undulata occupies a similar rock habitat. The other species of Littoraria occur on many species of mangroves, with some occasionally being found on rocks. Four species (L bengalensis, L. conica, L. scabra, and L. undulata) occurred only on the Andaman Sea side of Thailand. Littoraria bengalensis is restricted to the Indian Ocean but the other three species occur in the Pacific Ocean east of Thailand. Their absence in the Gulf of Thailand appears to be real.

Author(s) Kitithorn Sanpanich, Fred E. Wells and Yaowaluk Chitramvong
Records 22 : Part 3
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