Contribution to the knowledge of Triviidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) XXIII. New fossil species in the genera Ellatrivia and Trivellona

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ABSTRACT – Two new species of fossil Triviidae are described: Ellatrivia goudeyi sp. nov. from the Pleistocene of Flinders Island, Tasmania, and Trivellona felixlorenzi sp. nov. from the Fyansford Formation, Balcombian of Batesford Quarry, Victoria, Australia. The Pleistocene E. goudeyi sp. nov. fills the gap between the Miocene and Recent taxa of the genus and T. felixlorenzi sp. nov. fills the gap between the small sized Miocene species (about 10 mm in length) and the large sized Balcombian taxa (larger than 20 mm in length).

Author(s) Dirk Fehse and Jozef Grego
Records 27 : Part 1
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