Bunderanthura bundera gen. et sp. nov. from Western Australia, first anchialine Leptanthuridae (Isopoda) from the Southern Hemisphere

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ABSTRACT – A new genus and species of leptanthurid isopod, Bunderanthura bundera, are described from a single individual from an anchialine environment in Western Australia. The new taxon differs from all species of Leptanthura in the elongate antennular and antennal peduncular articles (compact in Leptanthura), the presence of a strong thumb proximally on the palm of pereopod 1 (typically a square angle in Leptanthura), and on pereopod 2 (never seen in Leptanthura), an especially long pre-palm flexor margin on pereopod 3 (absent or short in Leptanthura), and a narrow uropodal exopod (few exceptions in Leptanthura). This is the first leptanthurid from non-marine environments outside the Atlantic.

Author(s) Gary C. B. Poore and William F. Humphreys
Records 28 : Part 1
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