Birds of the Pilbara region, including seas and offshore islands, Western Australia: distribution, status and historical changes

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ABSTRACT – The geographic range, status and breeding season are documented for 325 bird species known to occur in the Pilbara, Western Australia, since the first records were made in 1699. The fauna is a mixture of Torresian, Eyrean and Bassian components, along with a variety of seabirds, migratory wading birds and Asian vagrants. The region lies entirely within the arid zone and the overall harshness of the environment means that few species are resident. The richness of the total avifauna (resident and non-resident) is due mainly to the diversity of habitats, especially those on or near the coast. The region is an important refugial destination for a variety of Australian species and includes a range of endemic subspecies and colour morphs. The area from Eighty Mile Beach to Port Hedland saltworks is of international importance for shorebirds and, following cyclonic rains, Mandora Marsh and Fortescue Marsh are of continental importance for waterbirds. The 204 breeding species are mapped, and each species is assessed for possible changes in distribution or abundance since 1900.

Author(s) R.E. Johnstone, Allan H. Burbidge and J.C. Darnell
Supplement 78 : (Part 2) A biodiversity survey of the Pilbara Region of Western Australia 2002–2007
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