The birds of Gag Island, Western Papuan islands, Indonesia

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 12 months ago

ABSTRACT – This report is based mainly on data gathered during a biological survey of Gag Island by a joint Western Australian Museum, Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense and Herbarium Bogoriense expedition in July 1997. A total of 70 species of bird have been recorded for Gag Island and a number of these represent new island and/or Raja Ampat Archipelago records. Relative abundance, status, local distribution and habitat preferences found for each species are described, extralimital range is outlined and notes on taxonomy are also given. No endemic birds were recorded for Gag Island but a number of species show significant morphological variation from other island forms and may prove to be distinct taxonomically.

Author(s) R.E. Johnstone
Records 23 : Part 2
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