Ants of the southern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia: An investigation into patterns of association

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ABSTRACT – A study of the ant species of the southern Carnarvon Basin was carned out in order to identify the patterns of species distribution and assocIations across a transitional landscape. The study yielded 35 genera and 243 species of ants, 58% of which were positively identified and the remaining placed into species complexes. Twelve assemblages of associated species were found, with members having a predominantly arid zone biogeographic distribution, with some southern elements. The suggestion by Gibson et al. (2000) to push the boundary of the South-west Province more south and west was supported by the ant species in this study, as there were more arid zone affinities in two southern sites of the study area. Species assemblages were positively associated with temperature rainfall, longitude and altitude, but genus assemblages yIelded a more latitudinal association.

Author(s) N.R. Gunawardene and J.D. Majer
Records 22 : Part 3
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