An annotated type catalogue of the geckos and pygopods (Squamata: Gekkota: Carphodactylidae, Diplodactylidae, Gekkonidae, Pygopodidae) in the collection of the Western Australian Museum

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 2 years ago

ABSTRACT – Western Australia supports a rich diversity of gecko and pygopod lizard species which continues to increase annually through on-going research. Many of these species have representative type material in the Western Australian Museum, where the collection currently includes a total of 2,174 type specimens representing 117 species or subspecies. There is currently type material in the collection representing 11 species or subspecies from the family Carphodactylidae (105 specimens), 44 species or subspecies from the Diplodactylidae (998 specimens), 35 species or subspecies from the Gekkonidae (791 specimens) and 27 species or subspecies from the Pygopodidae (280 specimens). The collection currently contains a total of 102 holotypes, 1 lectotype, 4 neotypes and 2,066 paratypes. An annotated catalogue is provided for all gekkonid type material currently and previously maintained in the herpetological collection of the Western Australian Museum.

Author(s) Ryan J. Ellis, Paul Doughty and Aaron M. Bauer
Records 33 : Part 1
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