An annotated type catalogue of the frogs (Amphibia: Anura: Limnodynastidae, Myobatrachidae, Pelodryadidae) in the collection of the Western Australian Museum

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ABSTRACT – An annotated catalogue is provided for all primary and secondary type specimens of frogs (Amphibia: Anura) currently and previously held in the herpetological collection of the Western Australian Museum (WAM). The collection includes a total of 613 type specimens (excluding specimens maintained as possible paratypes) representing 55 species or subspecies of which four are currently considered junior synonyms of other species. The collection includes 44 holotypes, 3 lectotypes, 36 syntypes, 462 paratypes and 68 paralectotypes. In addition, the collection includes 392 specimens considered possible paratypes where paratype specimens could not be confirmed against specimens held in the WAM for five species (Heleioporus barycragus, H. inornatus, H. psammophilus, Crinia pseudinsignifera and C. subinsignifera). There are 23 type specimens and seven possible paratypes that have not been located, some of which were part of historic disposal of specimens, and others with no records of disposal, loan or gifting and are therefore considered lost. Type specimens supposedly deposited in the WAM by Harrison of the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney, for Crinia rosea and Pseudophryne nichollsi were not located during the audit of types and are considered lost.

Author(s) Ryan J. Ellis, Paul Doughty and J. Dale Roberts
Records 32 : Part 1
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