Anthropology and Archaeology - peer-reviewed publications

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Peer-reviewed publications published from the department of Anthropology and Archaeology from 2006-2008.


Moffat, I., Wallis, L.A., Beale, A. and Kynuna, D. (2008). Trialing Geophysical Techniques in the Identification of Open Indigenous Sites in Australia: A Case Study from Inland Northwest Queensland. Australian Archaeology 66: 60-63.


Cooper, N.K., Teale, R.J.,Kendrick, P.G.and Durrant, C. (2006). Identification of the Desert Mouse, Pseudomys desertor and the Western Chestnut Mouse, Pseudomys nanus. Western Australian Naturalist 25(3): 141-151.

Cooper, N.K., Teale, R.J.,and Kendrick, P.G (2006). A recently observed increase in distribution of the desert mouse, Pseudomys desertor in Western Australia. Western Australian Naturalist 25(3): 169-186.