Lecture: Volcanic Eruptions and Pompeii

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'Civilisation exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice'

Dr Franco Pirajno
Senior Geoscientist, Geological Survey of Western Australia; Adjunct Professor, School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia

Franco Pirajno spent his childhood years in Pompeii and witnessed the 1944 eruption, which left an indelible influence in his young life. This experience led him to the Vesuvius Volcano Observatory where he obtained his doctorate in Geological Sciences following a thesis on volcanology.

In this lecture Dr Pirajno discusses the geological aspects and results of significant volcanic eruptions. He closely examines the 79 AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius and fate suffered by Pompeii and its inhabitants as a result.

This lecture was presented at the State Library of Western Australia on 2 July 2010. The video recording was made possible with the support of LotteryWest and the Friends of the Western Australian Museum.

Escape from Pompeii: the untold Roman rescue will be showing at the WA Maritime Museum from Friday 22 September to Sunday 4 February 2018.

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