WA Maritime Museum ISAF 2011 - Open Day

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WA Maritime Museum invites you to join us as we enjoy ISAF 2011.

To celebrate this event, on 16 December 2011, the Museum invites you to enjoy the Museum with entry by donation - waving the usual entry fee (excludes Submarine Ovens), and there is a 20% discount on the ISAF merchandise.

On December 16 2011 the Women’s Match Racing Petit Finals and Finals will be held on the Harbour course. The Museum offers close vantage points to the shaded viewing stands, and excellent location to enjoy the action.

Craft Activities for kids – available between 10am and 2pm

1) Hardhat Dive Helmet - $2 each
2) Australia II Hats - $2 each

Entertainment - Boxing Kangaroos – available intermittently between 10am and 2pm

2 x Performers in Boxing Kangaroo costumes in front foyer and around Victoria Quay precinct near Museum.

Free exhibition and Floortalk Program for Immerse: Exploring the Deep

Corioli Souter, Exhibition Curator - Immerse, Curator - Maritime Archaeology, WA Museum
11 am Friday 16 December

Want to know more about these fascinating objects? From the one atmosphere 'Jim' suit to the clever technology that allows us to map the seabed, explore the key individual object stories of the Immerse exhibition.