Diamonds to Dinosaurs

Long Term Exhibition | Updated 5 years ago

Two dinosaur skeletons and a t-rex skull
Diamonds to Dinosaurs
Image copyright and Western Australian Museum

Open until late January 2016

Take a journey though 12 billion years of history, beginning at the origins of our universe, through to the birth of our solar system before exploring the evolution of life on our planet.

This exhibition features a wealth of significant geological artefacts, including 10 million diamonds that pre-date the solar system, rocks from Mars and the Moon, our world-famous array of meteorites, fluorescent and unusual minerals, and the Argyle Diamond Display.

The exhibition also showcases the evolution of life on Earth, beginning in an inhospitable furnace and resulting in the diversity of life that exists today. The gallery features dinosaur skeleton casts, fossils of extinct life, and displays that show the evolution of humans, mammals, marine life and reptiles.