Meet the Australian Anemonefish

Article | Updated 1 years ago

The Australian Anemonefish, or Amphiprion rubrocinctus, is a harmless omnivore that lives in the marine waters of northern Australia. 

Image of an Australian Anemonefish

Australian Anemonefish
Image copyright WA Museum 


This fish grows to a maximum of 13 cm in length.

It is generally red and black in colour with an orange belly, a white bar behind the eye, and has orange fins.


The Australian Anemonefish lives in protective anemones on coastal and lagoonal reefs. This small fish has a symbiotic relationship with two species of anemone: Entacmaea quadricolor and Stichodactyla gigantean. 


They pair during breeding season and lay demersal eggs on the surface of rocks, which are guarded by males. They feed on small invertebrates and algae.