Nerida Wilson

Molecular Systematics Unit Manager

Molecular Systematics Unit

BSc (Hons); PhD


+61 (8) 9212 3844


  • Exploring the evolutionary history of species
  • Phylogenetics, phylogeography and population genetics
  • Delimiting species using molecular data
  • Understanding the drivers of diversification


  • Net Conservation Benefits Project: Conservation Systematics of the Western Pilbara Fauna
  • ACE- Antarctic Circumpolar Expedition: Testing the diversity of marine refugia at sub-Antarctic islands
  • Dating West Antarctic Icesheet collapse using molecular sequence data
  • SeadragonSearch: a collaborative community-science project to monitor and conserve seadeagons
  • Diving deep in the #NingalooCanyons

Exhibitions and Public Programs

  • Developing Citizen Science initiatives
  • Contributes to the Molecular Systematics Unit blog.
  • Supervisor to post-graduate students at local and national universities
  • Provides identifications and advice for consultants, industry and government
  • Contributed to exhibitions in Boola Bardip (open Nov 2020)


Selected Publications

Nerida’s full publication list can be found here



Nimbs, MJ & Wilson, NG (online Nov 2020) Description of a new species of Bursatella Blainville, 1817 (Gastropoda, Aplysiida, Aplysiidae) from southern Australia. Marine Research.

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Selected publications (pre-2016)

Stiller, J, Wilson, NG & Rouse, GW (2015). A spectacular new species of seadragon (Syngnathidae). Royal Society Open Science 2(2), 140458

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