Dr Mark Harvey

Senior Curator of Arachnology

Terrestrial Zoology

B.Sc., Ph.D.

"Dr Mark Harvey working at a microscope"


+61 (8) 9212 3737 mark.harvey@museum.wa.gov.au


  • Systematics of arachnids and myriapods, including their phylogenetic history and evolutionary relationships.
  • Taxonomy of arachnids and myriapods, and especially the documentation and description of new species.


  • Researches the taxonomy and systematics of arachnids and myriapods through the collections.
  • Develops the Museum’s collections through targeted fieldwork and collaborations with other organisations, including government, universities and industry.

Services (to other bodies):

  • Represents the Museum on committees and panels providing advice to government.


Exhibitions and Public Programs

  • Provides identifications and advice for environmental consultants, industry and government agencies.
  • Regularly presents talks and provides media coverage of work on arachnids and myriapods.
  • Co-editor of the Records of the Western Australian Museum; Associate Editor of the Journal of Arachnology and Invertebrate Systematics. Member of the editorial board of several other scholarly journals.
  • Co-supervisor to several post-graduate students at local and international universities.
  • Vice-President of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature: http://iczn.org/content/dr-mark-s-harvey

Selected Publications

Mark’s full publication list can be found here



Harvey, M.S. and Evenhuis, N.L. (2020). Revised authorship and dates of some genus-group names in Arachnida proposed without type species after 1930. Arachnology 18: 623–628.

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Selected publications (pre-2016)

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