Fifty Shades of Cray: The Secret Life of Crustacea

National Science Week 2018

Tue 14 Aug 2018


Museum of the Great Southern

Join WA Museum Curator of Crustacea and Worms, Andrew Hosie, as he provides an insight into the fascinating world of crustacean reproduction.

Every organism is subject to the biological imperative of survival and perpetuation of their species, but finding a mate in the sea can be a tricky and an often dangerous business!

Crustaceans such as crabs, shrimp and lobsters overcome these challenges with an assortment of behaviours, adaptations and strategies. These familiar yet alien looking creatures have a variety of techniques and adaptations to ensure that their genes are passed on to the next generation and beyond. Ever wonder what the enlarged claw of male fiddler crabs are for or what kind of parents crabs are?

This presentation will explore the world of crustacean reproduction from lifecycles, eggs and larvae to courtship, fending off potential rivals, and ensuring that their progeny survives to populate the next generation.

This is a free public talk being held twice on Tuesday 14 August from 10.30am-11.30am and then from 5.30pm-6.30pm.

For more information and to secure your spot, call us on (08) 9841 4844.

Caption: A megalopa, the final larval phase of a crab (species unknown).

Credit: Andrew Hosie, WA Museum

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