School Holidays at WA Maritime Museum

Sat 3 Apr 2021Sun 18 Apr 2021

Activity times vary

WA Maritime Museum

Vikings: Warriors of the North, Giants of the Sea 

Join us at the WA Maritime Museum these school holidays as we explore the fascinating world of Vikings: Warriors of the North, Giants of the Sea.

Victorious Vikings

Join us for a celebration of all things Viking, as we discover the warrior culture that shaped the northern medieval world through ships and sailing.

Explore exquisite treasures and wonderful weapons in our Vikings touchable and learn about the ancient Viking game hnefatafl and their love of chess.

Make a paper-craft Viking Longship or Viking Helmet, and take the Old Norse Rune trail around the Museum to discover words we still use today.

Dates: 3 - 18 April
Times: 10am - 2pm
Ages: 4 + years
Cost: Free. No bookings required. WA Maritime Museum adult entry fees apply.

Vikings Show: Legendary | Theatre Performance

Step inside our own Viking World in this fun and entertaining game show that will take you on a myth busting journey!

Enjoy interactive family fun as our ‘archaeologist’ and ‘tour guide’ presenters explore the fascinating medieval world of the Viking Age (800 – 1150 CE). This legendary warrior culture of the Northern lands became a major force in Europe by mastering the northern seas with their fast and agile longships.

Fierce raiders, expert traders and skilled craftspeople … their tough and creative skills have made them both feared and revered throughout history. Grab hold of your own ‘fact’ or ‘fiction’ paddle – let’s see if we can bust these Viking myths together!

Dates: 8 - 18 April 
Times: 11am & 1pm
Cost: Free for children.  WA Maritime Museum adult entry fees apply.
Ages: Recommended for 6+ years and everyone needs a ticket.
Bookings: Bookings essential! Please arrive 15 minutes early as audience registration is required.

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 Vikings! | Theatre Performance

Arm yourselves for a mighty Viking adventure! Join Ulf and Ragnar on an epic voyage of circus and comedy across rough seas. These two young Vikings have a task from the gods, but are they up to the challenge? This is a journey not to be missed!

Dates: Sunday 4 April and Monday 5 April 
Times: 11am 
Ages: 4+ years
Cost: Free for children. No bookings required. WA Maritime Museum adult entry fees apply.

Programs are subject to availability. All children 12 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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