Yellow Spotted Scorpion Fish – Kimberley 2013

Video | Updated 8 months ago

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This video looks at the amazing discovery of a yellow spotted scorpion fish at Ashmore Reef, which had previously never been recorded in this part of the world.


This morning we've been diving on the north side of Ashmore Reef which is a wonderful drop-off of the great diversity of fish species, and we're really excited to find this little scorpion fish, yellow-spotted scorpion fish, we haven't seen this one alive before so it's quite an exciting find. Despite its wide distribution between the Red Sea and the central Pacific, it's actually not been recorded as far as we know from Ashmore Reef before, so we have this as a voucher specimen, as evidence. It's a small species it only grows to about 7cm and it lives in coral heads, so it's quite hard to find usually. It has the typical venomous spines on the dorsal fin that scorpion fish have, and a various spiny head too. That was a really exciting find for us.