Update - Possible Eagle

Video | Updated 3 years ago

FURTHER UPDATE (16/08/2011): - Further examination reveals the fossil is extinct, flightless bird called progura, a giant version of the modern malleefowl.

This video is an update about the possible new species of Wedge-Tailed Eagle found in Pit B during Day 4 of the expedition.


Dr Gavin Prideaux: This is an update on our video from yesterday. What is before me some of the bones we collected of the possible Wedge-Tailed Eagle. We’ve had some confirmation from a bird palaeontologist who’s an expert on these animals, Trevor Worthing from the University of NSW. We sent him some photos last night, he’s emailed us back, and he confirms that the bones do look like the Wedge Tailed Eagle. So that’s going to be really interesting once we get them back to the lab to confirm whether they match perfectly to the modern Wedge-Tailed Eagle, or whether they are in fact a new species, possibly the ancestor of the Wedge Tailed Eagle.