Tides & Islands – Day 6 – Sponges – Reef Hotels

Video | Updated 1 years ago

The animals seen in these videos are being handled by experts who know how to avoid potential bites and stings. To avoid accidents it is recommended that all marine animals should be watched and not touched. Please enjoy the videos and remember to leave wildlife alone, both for their protection and yours.

These video diaries document the October 2011 field trip into remote areas of the Kimberley. This field trip was part of the Marine Life of Kimberley project to study and understand the marine biodiversity of the area.


Out here in this reef there's many species of marine sponges.

Alright, we have here what we call an 'acre', he's from the family [family name], and this little fellas here they have little turrets coming out. OK, these little fellows suck water in through microscopic tiny little holes and expels water through the little oscule that you can see on the top. Not only provides clean water to the reefs, but they also are hotels for little tiny microscopic crustaceans, worms and all all the different kind of marine invertebrates.

Although it might be small, they form an intrical part of this reef environment.