The rise of super predatory sharks

Video | Updated 2 years ago

Delivered by Dr Mikael Siversson
Curator of Palaeontology, Earth and Planetary Sciences

For 140 million years, ichthyosaurs and pliosaurs ruled the oceans as supreme top predators. Their reign came to an abrupt end shortly after the rise of giant lamniform sharks, 100 million years ago.

Join Dr Mikael Siversson as he explains how lamniform sharks became the supreme predators in the oceans and how they held on to that position for the better part of 100 million years. Modern lamniforms, such as the white shark and megamouth shark, are remnants of a once far more diverse group of sharks.

This lecture was recorded at the Western Australian Museum – Geraldton on 18 Feb 2010.

This video recording was made possible with the support of Chevron Australia.