Cave: Searching for Australia's Forgotten Beasts - Day 4 - Plastered

Video | Updated 3 years ago

The August 2011 expedition to the Nullarbor caves is a collaborative effort between the Western Australian Museum and the Flinders University to search for Megafauna fossils in this remote and isolated area.

This video looks at an amazing new discovery - potentially new a species of kangaroo - a spectacular discovery.


Grant Gully: See what we’ve got here is a new find of a small kangaroo we think it’s a new species that’s undescribed to science, and it’s very fragile. Down the front we’ve got the nasals and the pre-maxilla, where the front teeth are, there’s the eye socket where the rest of the tooth row down the bottom, and at the back is rest of the skull around there.

Now it’s all encrusted in dirt at the moment and we’re using that to protect it. We’ve put a lot of soluble plastic in there to make it hard, and now we’re going to plaster it.

OK, so I’m just putting a bit of dirt on top just to separate it form the plaster, and now I’m just going to put some toilet roll again to help separate it from the plaster; I’m going to put it over the top here. It’s available from any (connection lost).