Cave: Searching for Australia's Forgotten Beasts - Day 3 - Birds

Video | Updated 3 years ago

The August 2011 expedition to the Nullarbor caves is a collaborative effort between the Western Australian Museum and the Flinders University to search for Megafauna fossils in this remote and isolated area.

This video explores the diversity of bird fossils in the cave, and they even find a live kestrel that has recently fallen into the cave trap.


Yesterday morning when we came into the cave right down here in the bottom of the pit where we dug up the last trip, we found the small body of the small wren here. And it’s showing this cave is still active, and it’ still collecting fossils.

All around this caves it’s dotted with the carcasses of lots of kestrels and other raptors and we believe at this point this is one the richest avifauna assemblages, or bird fossil assemblages for the Pleistocene in Australia.

In fact today, one of our team members, Aiden, managed to capture a kestrel in the cave and his taken back up to the surface and released it, so it won’t become a fossil.