WA Maritime Museum (Fremantle) Education

Investigate the impact of immigration, imagine sailing around the world alone or go on a guided tour to explore the submarine HMAS Ovens.

What's on offer?

K-3 4-6 7-12

Immigration: Suitcase Stories

Museum Educator Led 45 mins

Submarine Tours

Volunteer Led 1 hr


New Home New Country

Self-guided Activity 1 hr

Submarine Tours

Volunteer Led 1 hr

Gallery Guides

These gallery guides are designed to be used by an adult with a small group of students to enrich student understanding and enjoyment of our galleries. All ages - self-guided.

Bits of Boats - PDF Download

Courage - PDF Download

Exhibition School Programs Guide

Escape from Pompeii: the untold Roman rescue school programs
WA Maritime Museum
Friday 22 September until Sunday 4 February

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