A Virtual Walk around the Perth Museum

Article | Updated 9 months ago

The Western Australian Museum – Perth will be undergoing a major redevelopment over the next 4 years as part of the New Museum Project.

As such, since December 2015, thousands of objects and specimens have been removed from the Western Australian Museum – Perth into safe storage at the Collections and Research Centre in Welshpool.

This collection of panoramas captured the WA Museum – Perth before the decant began, and so preserves the site as it stood prior to the dismantling of displays and exhibition spaces.

Starting point of the Perth panorama web page.

Starting point of the Perth panorama web page.
Image copyright WA Museum 

High quality images were taken of all of the galleries: Katta Djinoong, the Mammal, Bird and Butterfly Galleries, the WA Land and People Gallery, the Dampier Marine Gallery, the Diamonds to Dinosaurs Gallery, and so on – as well as images of other spaces such as the foyer, grounds, café, and Discovery Centre.

All of these images have been stitched together, and can be explored via this URL. Visitors can take a detailed virtual tour of the entire Western Australian Museum – Perth as it existed prior to December 2015.

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