Structure of the First Gallery Complete

Article | Updated 5 months ago

Large space with a concrete floor and pylons of a building under construction.

One of the first gallery spaces visitors will experience when they visit the New Museum in 2020 is Continuous Cultures. It will include cultural collections and contemporary stories shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from around our State.

The Continuous Cultures gallery is located on the ground floor level and will connect with the landscaping and buildings around it. It will also set the scene for the rest of the Museum, providing strong connections to Aboriginal stories and perspectives shared through each of the galleries and throughout the Museum.

It is one of the first gallery spaces to be formed as construction powers ahead.

Our exhibition teams went on a tour of the site recently and were able to stand within the concrete shell of this gallery.

It was like inspecting a home renovation when a new room is built! We were able to stand in the space and visualise where the objects and stories will go, and how visitors may experience the space when we open in 2020.

Bill Seager, Creative Director with the New Museum said it was really exciting to see the gallery space.

For our team this is a really important point in the Project. To date we’ve been working off architectural models and floor plans to design the exhibitions. Now we were able to actually stand in the space and imagine what it will be like.

Construction of the New Museum is expected to be complete in 2019 with the exhibition and object fit out happening the following year, ready for opening in 2020.