Meet the Western Rock Lobster

Article | Updated 2 years ago

The Western Rock Lobster, or Panulirus Cygnus, is also known as a crayfish.

Image of a Western Rock Lobster

Western Rock Lobster
Image copyright WA Museum 


This harmless, omnivorous lobster can grow to a maximum size of 30 cm.

It is red in colour, and has many tiny forward pointing spines covering its body and carapace. Its most prominent feature are two large antennae that protrude from the head.


The Western Rock Lobster can be found from North West Cape to Hamelin Bay near Augusta, Western Australia. It lives in coastal waters at depths from the tidal region down to 150 m to 200 m. 

A Commercial Species

This crustacean forms the basis of the largest single-species fishery in Australia, and is highly valued for its meat in many countries.