Major Construction Under Way

Article | Updated 10 months ago

Premier Mark McGowan and Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman recently visited the New Museum site to mark the official start of the major construction phase.

The milestone comes after the State Government signed the Stage Two agreement with Managing Contractor, Multiplex.  This locks in the construction sum to design and build the New Museum.

view of a construction site with city skyline in the background

Image courtesy of Multiplex

Already the building is taking shape. Concrete slabs have been poured, walls are being installed and the first level floor is being constructed. The workers are certainly moving quickly!

Check out the time-lapse video of the works happening on site.  It’s going to be an exciting year!

Craning to see the longest jib in Australia

Late last year the construction crane was installed on the New Museum site.

While it adds to the sea of cranes across the city skyline it stands out because it has the longest horizontal arm (jib) of any crane in Australia! At 101.5 metres long it can lift up to 20 tonnes of materials. That’s like lifting three very large elephants or five large cars! But actually, it's lifting construction materials including steel, cladding and other materials onto and around the site.

Two crane drivers work in shifts to operate the crane - one in the cab and one on the ground. They climb 50 metres up the vertical ladder to get to the cab. They work with the team on the ground to ensure heavy loads are moved safely.

The crane will remain in place until the New Museum building is complete . Of course once the building is finished the work of installing our exciting new exhibitions can begin.