Help Us Create Amazing Visitor Experiences for the New Museum

Article | Updated 11 months ago

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New Museum Project research pool
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We’re developing the New Museum for WA with a People First approach.  This means asking people from around our State to have their say and test ideas about visitor experiences for the New Museum.

Our research team is calling for people, aged 18 years and over, to register their interest to be part of our upcoming research projects. You can participate in focus groups, complete online surveys or give feedback on our design and displays as they come up.

These activities will complement the detailed consultation work being provided by our four community panels.

Your input, along with our panels and engagement projects, will help us create the best possible museum experience for all Western Australians and visitors to our State.

As research projects come up, we will be in touch with all the details. Signing up to be part of our Research Participant Pool does not oblige you to take part in any research projects. You are able to unsubscribe or withdraw at any time.  

We hope you will sign up and we welcome your help in creating our New Museum for WA.

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