Name our Blue Whale!

Our Blue Whale skeleton is coming back and we need your help to give it a name!

In 2020, our 24 metre Blue Whale will take centre-stage in a spectacular new display in the New Museum.

Submit your idea, and tell us in a few words why you think it’s a great name.

We have a panel of people waiting to hear your suggestions, and sorry, they have already ruled out Whaley McWhaleface!

The chosen name for our whale will be included in its New Museum display.

Submissions open from Thursday 2 August 2018 until 5pm Friday 21 September 2018.

Need some inspiration? Read more about the history of the WA Museum's Blue Whale in our online article.

Submit Your Idea!

I think the Blue Whale should be called...

Bluey the Blue Whale

Because it is half of the name of the Blue Whale.

Brodie from Kelmscott


Olive wanted "Friend" but we settled on Bunji because it is a beautiful and fun name that means "friend/mate" in Aboriginal. We should see ouselves as friends of all animals, especially the whale as our ancestors used to hunt them!

Olive from Innaloo


Because the blue whales are from the ocean.

Winterlynn from Kelmscott

Otto Cetacea

Otto Cetacea would be a "whale of a name" for our whale because Otto is the name of the taxidermist who treated the mammal and Cetecea is the scientific name for sea mammals.

Senior Room Cadoux Primary School from Cadoux

Big Blue

Because it is big and it is blue.

Matthew from Kelmscott

Big Old Bluey

Beacuse it is big, old and blue.

Asher from Kelmscott

Mammung Nilaree

I believe this is a good name because it is the Wadandi name for the blue whale. The Wadandi people are the local custodians of Busselton, and have given me permission to submit this name on their behalf. It also represents the cultural and historical significance of the Whales origins.

Tahlia-Rae from Lockridge

Old Baleen

It will help children to remember how Blue Whales catch their food.

Sue from Padbury

Lil Deep Blue

Its skin colour we believe would have been dark blue. When it was alive, it would have been living in the deep blue depths of the ocean. We wanted to add the prefix 'Lil' because the whale was so big and we wanted to use some humour.

Orange Grove Primary School from Orange Grove


whale - mamang (whale and father are the same word, one Noongar religion says the whale birthed the world or at least man) backup name bii koombar = big fish

Year 7.2 Science from Dianella



Tara from Kelmscott



Abby from Kelmscott



Kayla from Kelmscott



Tanya from Kelmscott


Otto Lipfert was the taxidermist to the Western Australian Museum from 1894 to 1942. His contribution to the museum and your collection was unparalleled. If I remember correctly, he found the Blue Whale near Busselton and was the taxidermist working on it. As a German Australia, he faced discrimination during WWI and so it would be nice to be able to recognise his life's work and contribution to Western Australia.

Jordan from Beldon

Pygmy Blue

Most Blue Whales found in WA are subspecies of the Blue Whale callead Pygmy Blue.

Eliza from Golden Bay


The whale in Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy :)

Matilda from South Fremantle


satisfaction when one finds or discovers something

Blair from Shelley


“Because it seems like a good name for the whale!”

Holly from Mount pleasant

Misty/Misty Blue

Misty, short for Mystic as the blue whale belongs to the baleen whale parvorder, Mysticeti.

Shirley from Crawley

Rhiannon Randall

I agree with MAMANG BLUE! Beautiful name and meaning!

Rhiannon from Lakelands

Vasse Blue

It’s simple but perfect, found washed up at Vasse River and a Blue Whale

Tamara from Ballina


Gil-git is the Noongar word for Fish. Gilgi is a shortening of that, and i think is a great way to include our rich aboriginal history as part of one of the focal points of the new museum.

Matteo from Yokine

Bluey Bonapart (Emperor of the Oceans)

Australian & friendly first name. Plus a more distinguished... bone pun (note: no "e"). With matching -- and suitable -- title.

Nick from Churchlands


Because whales have fins.

Amelie from Duncraig


Because whales have barnacles on their backs.

Ethan from Duncraig

Mammang Blue

Because Ryan from Margaret River is smart and its an amazingly Australian name with respect to the aboriginals who have probably been on this land since before that whale was alive.

Claire from Carlisle


In honour of all Blue Whales and the harmonious song they sing to their kinship. Harmony also means balance, and the journey of bringing Harmony to its final resting place in the Museum of Western Australia for all to admire, amaze and adore, will bring stability to Harmony.

Year 5 Science Class from Dianella

Miracle 1898

Miracle because every whale and cetacean in our oceans are miracles and 1898 is the year this blue whale was found on our shores. When you see these magnificent live blue whales in the waters they are pure awe inspiring and very significant to our biodiversity and ocean ecology. These gentle giants reminds us of their greatness and the miraculous part they play in our oceans they inhabit.

Retna from Willetton

Charlie Prince of Whales

It's humourous, factual, and memorable too.

Phil from Northam


As in Missed Me... Cos he ended up on the Beach not on a Japanese Whaling ship

Patrick from Kalamunda


A link to the world's oceans

Anne from Victoria Park


Because she blew in with the southerly wind I imagine

Jarred from Burekup

Mammang Blue

Mammang being the Noongar word for whale and Blue because of it being a blue whale and the word also an Aussie term of endearment.

Ryan from Margaret River


Tis a grand name! Honours CY O’Connor - his importance to Fremantle And the whole of WA.

Simon from Bicton


Blue is a old Australian nick name, its a Blue Whale. alternative is tge Aboriginsl name but with Blue as a short Nick name. Blue is best way to say, although you could say Bluey.but Blue is nicer.

steve from yangebup


I think it s a cute lovely name for the biggest of the animal on earth

Ingrid from Quinns ricks


Our whales are our friends, and this is the real native word for friend...

Jeremy from Baldivis


Mamang is the Nyungar/Noongar word for “whale”. Because the Blue Whale was found in the Vasse River, I think it would be important for us to acknowledge the Indigenous land from which it came from. This would also present a fantastic opportunity to incorporate the dreaming story (as told by Dr Noel Nannup) of why whales become beached into the display.(

Jemma from Bentley


It's an islander word that means "leviathan of the air" It's such a graceful word, and as he will be suspended for all to enjoy I think it is a perfect fit :)

Andy from Windsor


Biologically diverse Aboriginal name meaning "Waterhole" Tribute to the specimen reflecting the blue whales blowhole which this incredible creature can spray 30 meters into the air. Warralakin wonderment gateway of evidence from the Aboriginal culture. Surrounding elevated rock platforms embedded prints & artifacts, a collection of fascinating macro pods, figures & the mythical creature history Nature of Past & Present certainly give a different perspective to name such a fascinating creature.

Krysta from Mukinbudin

Maarmoong Yorda (Big Maa for nickname)

The New Museum will showcase Western Australias history, cultures and biodiversity to the world. The name as suggested by many is of Noongar words for Whale (Maarmoong) and Woman (Yorga). Animals named with indigenous dialect names of the regions they originate from (orca's, elephants etc) highlight local culture. The name provides a stimulus for children and adults to engage with the history, language and storytelling of South Western Australia, where the skeleton originates from. In turn this invites further exploration of the New Museum exhibits and education programs relating to Marine Biology, Aboriginal Traditions and Western Australian Stories. NSW has Migaloo the albino humpback for example. It is my hope that the first people of this region be recognised with a name that is specific to the dialect of the blue whale find as there are stories to be told such as this

Denise from Bayswater


Firstly, Blue for the species of whale it is and secondly because Blue is a typically Aussie word / name.

Dave from Seville Grove


Meaning : Noble

Kylie from Secret Harbour


I think Ceta would be an excellent name, because it's an abbreviation of the scientific word cetacea which means whale

Henry from Deepdale

True blue

It washed up at Busselton and being a blue whale. We once had the whaling station worked by Aussies. I think true blue speaks the Australia way

Steven from Orelia

Old Bluey

In recognition of its age, its acceptance as an "old friend" and the fact its a blue whale!

David from North Perth


It is what the whale said as he came up for air before crashing back into the water again. Geronimo is an Italian name meaning "sacred"

Karen from Busselton

Ocean Spirit

Whales are symbolic of the world's oceans, protectors of the environment and are vital to the worlds existence.

Chris from Geraldton

Wanda Whale

Because she wandered into the waters of our beautiful coastline and stayed

Heather from Lathlain

Friendship in Language

I love the connection to Hope in London - so why not 'Hope and Friendship' and then to find out what the word in Aboriginal language is for friendship? I think the name needs to be endearing so people have a connection to it.

Karina from Geraldton


Salvador, after Salvador Gomez who has been diligently caring for this whale specimen for years

Jenelle from Bicton


blue for blue whale and ban for bannister who has given so much towards the museum

tony from huntingdale


My 4year old wants to name him after himself

Karen from Ellenbrook


I think it’s very suitable for the WA whale to be named after the prince of Wales.

Jonatan from Subiaco


Unity the Blue Whale will bring everyone together as one, uniting people of our state

Christine from Clarkson


Because Jerry is a great name for all kinds of things. We called our washing machine Jerry and mummy loves it.

Alec from Baldivis


Indigenous meaning- Belonging to the sea

Amanda from Caversham


It's an abbreviation to the Latin name for Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus). It also has a ring to it

Jack from Dundowran Beach


The spirit of Australia

Jodie from Ellenbrook


It contrast with Blue small children know the word and in Australia we call our red heads blue so why not call a blue whale Red.

Natasha from Mt Helena

Whaley McWhalebone

Because it will make everyone smile

Amanda from Banksia Grove


I believe it’s the aboriginal work for Whale.

Janelle from Darch


Named after John Bannister (former director of WAM) who was very passionate about whales.

Lucy from Coolbellup


The whale has been through so much & it's still with us.

Sophie from Lathlain


It’s a nice homage to Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry from Police Academy. It’s a shame the blue whale passed before getting the chance to watch the films.

David from West Perth


Due to its size

Dennis from Attadale


Moby Dick the whale

Andrew from Huntingdale


To honour a Great Australian

Chris from Waikiki


I think Tiny suits because it is anything but small.

Cameron from Darch

High Hope

Because the whale in England is called Hope and this one is going to be up high. Also high hopes for success of the exhibit.

Isabelle from Freo


The name I have chosen is a nod to the fact that the blue whale is a marine mammal belonging to the baleen whale parvorder, Mysticeti. I believe it is quite fitting as blue whales quite a mystical creature of our oceans.

Lee from Hillarys

John or JB

After John Bannister, previous Director and long time delegate to the International Whaling Commission. His area of research was marine mammals especially cetaceans.

Alan from Beaconsfield


Because it denotes the size.

Regina from Albany

Tooth pik

Sarcastic name some thing so big with a little name. Make kids laugh

Brad from Jane brook


bit of WAlly .. for getting WAshed ashore .. in WA :)

Jeremy from North Perth

Truey the Bluey

It's self evident.

Peter from Binningup

Whale of times.

It has been around through many different times and events since being washed up.



Its a good Aussie name.

Kenneth from Maylands


Well, it`s an Aussie whale and deserves a good Aussie name that most people can relate to (particularly the gingers hehe).

Don from Thorneside


A tribute to Tilikum, the Killer Whale captured in 1983 at two years old and spent the rest of his life to 2017 in captivity. Tilikum sparked a movement to end the captivity of wild animals and was the main subject of the acclaimed documentary, Blackfish. For the wild.

Jeremy from Parkwood


First your wanting to choose a name after the whale's life has Gone, And second to have a touch of today's modernization, as things are set with the Icon I as in iPad, iPhone, etc.

Julian from Redcliffs Victoria 3496


The Blue whale is a Marine Mammal change Marine to Marina which in Latin means “of the sea” very fitting for our wonderful blue whale

Jayne from Glen Forrest

beyond blue

The blue whale is a peaceful loving mammal and lives in harmony with the universe. We humans can look beyond our ego and live more empathetically and accepting of people’s differences, to live in harmony and peace like the blue whale.

Lindsay from Girrawheen


Mamang As an Aboriginal woman, I would like to see an Aboriginal name used. I used to go on nature study lessons from Leederville State School in the 1950s and I loved seeing the Blue Whale.

Janice from BALCATTA


Mamang Lets celebrate our Indigenous history with an Aboriginal name. It was always one of the delights of visiting the WA museum, a wonderful childhood memory.

Jedda from TUART HILL


Because shes blue and it's a girl so it should be Anna

Ross from Dianella


It is a great Australian nick name.

Graham from Bunbury


Because she is beautiful

Antonio from Fremantle


It's a blue whale found in Australia. Blue is a quintessential Aussie name. It's Australia's Bluey and it lived in the deep blue ocean. What could be better?

Kim from Yangebup

True Blue

Will make the skeleton a true blue Aussie. A verse from John Williamson's song True Blue. Give it to me straight, face to face Are you really disappearing Just another dying race Hey True Blue

Kenneth from Prospect


Its quite Australian, Bluey was a term for red heads, to have a blue was to have a bit of an zrgument, true blue means something is truly Australian, im sure there are others. I grew up in Southern Cross, trips to Perth were infrequent but when they DID happen they hapened via the Kalgoorlie Express, just Mother and the kids. Each trip alwzys included a visit to the zoo, I could barely comprehend the size of the whale, and was always in awe. I also remember there was a sculpture "The Reclining Figure" nearby, which was also a thing of wonder for me.

Ronice from Kojonup

True Blue

It’s a blue whale...and norhing means you’re more Australian than being described as “True Blue.” I think it’s perfect! It was a “True Blue” blue whale...who came home to his final resting place....Australia.

Keith from Lesmurdie

Helen Breslin

Samson. A big guy that is a hero.

Helen from Fremantle


Named after Daisy Locke, the woman who found the specimen on the beach in Busselton.

Claire from Maylands


It means giant in Spanish/Portuguese l like the sound of the word it the whale is gigante!!

Declan from High Wycombe

Anne Boney

This was a name of a pirate (Anne Bonny) it was customised to boney because of the whale skeleton.

Lilia from Midland

Uncle Krill (if male) | Auntie Baleen (if female) | Cousin Fluke (otherwise)

Family-friendly name with a laconic Aussie feel to it, meant to encourage a sense of kinship with nature and fondness for the whale skeleton's role in the museum's heritage as a centre for public education. It was always a highlight of my frequent visits with my parents as a child. The article didn't state the sex of the whale, so I've hedged my bet.

Aaron from Gooseberry Hill


Ishmael, the only surviving crewmember of the Pequod, is the narrator of the book. His importance relies on his role as narrator; as a character, he is only a minor participant in the action and the main protagonist is Captain Ahab. The Biblical name has come to symbolize orphans, exiles, and social outcasts. So too, our whale is here to tell a story for future generations.

Leanne from Ballajura


Because it's relatable for the young generations =)

Ferrer from East Perth


OI feel the name should be Otto after otto lipfert who supervised the "curing", transporting and re-construction of the blue whale. It would be a great recognition of his tireless work for the preservation of the whale and all other works he undertook for the Museum. I sm his great neice and always remembering the family tales of this great accomplishment.

penny from trigg


After the Museum’s taxidermist, Otto Lipfert.

Andrea from Carine


Because... Skeletor!

Harry from wanneroo


As he's a krill killer.

Travis from Hillarys

Whaley Wonka

People understand the pun instantly and its a fun name.

Max from Beeliar

Blue Surfer

Because we have awesome surfing in WA

justin from eden hill


Well throwback to the Simpsons episode when Lisa tries to save a whale, kids today wouldn't understand but the 90 kids will, so please give it some serious through

Ash from Baldivis

Boney Beluga

I like it

Sarah from Two Rocks

Malnourished Moby

Because it rolls off the tongue and it suits it

Sarah from Two Rocks


Walt Disney played a big role in most of our childhoods, because we grew up mesmerised by his films. Pinocchio is one is the oldest films and perhaps our first introduction to whales as a young child. I think Monstro is a great name because to many of us, it’s the name of our first whale encounter. Monstro is a link to our childhood.

Ciskia from Scarborough

Professor Venezuela Red

We call red heads blue so let's call a blue whale red. Caracass is the capital of Venezuela and it's a whale carcass.

Safi from Bibra Lake


Ancient Greek meaning giant statue

Karen from Busselton

Lady Locke

As the centrepiece of the new museum it needs a magestic title incorporating the founder's name. Lady Luck has also played a part in its survival.

Bev from Busselton

Old Vasse Blue

It just makes common sense.

Jamie from Alkimos


The blue whale skeleton has survived for 120 yrs without being destroyed or disposed of and has amazed and awed many a child and adult. it has endured.

Joan from Busselton

Otto Blue Undalup

Otto is in respect for the taxidermist for all the countless hours he would have spent on this project. Blue represents the blue whale that is on display for all to see. Undalup (Busselton) is Aboriginal for the area in which the whale was found.

Larry from Busselton

Bluey from Busso

Just for Fun

Karen from Busselton


Wilson the's just a ring to it.

Abbie from UK


Aboriginal name meaning rest, stay here,

Beverley from Busselton

Majestic Traveler

This majestic ocean king has travelled the oceans over many decades and has since travelled our city on display. Then majesty of the ocean and our beautiful city.

Damon from Carramar

Blue hue

Because it sounds very whaley.

Genevieve from Butler


Ballina , Spanish for whale

Clancie from SOUTH LAKE


It is the Noongar name for Whale. I believe as it has it's history in WA, it should have a Noongar name.

Bernadine from South Perth

Blue Wave

Represents wastness, freedom of the ocean, it's life diversity, that we should protect (more). A whale of that size can make a really huge wave !

Tanja from Europe

Blue Bones

its a blue whale and its just the bones left so it makes sense to call it blue bones

michelle from erskine


Blue whales are the largest animal and whales are their own captain, they're constantly moving forward in life with migration, reproduction and survival. A fitting name for the head piece of our new museum as it to, along with w.a is moving forward as we all play a part in being our own skipper.

Daniel from Victoria park

Alan Davies

Yes the comedian, the guy from Jonathan creek , he is obsessed with them . Have u ever seen an episode of QI ?

Tracy from Baldivis


I believe this is the aboriginal word for whale. Daisy's Manang is also a good one - already suggested. Please please lets acknowledge Indigenous Australia and particularly Noongar stories about the blue whale and its significant place in deep culture.

Lynette from Dunsorough

Joe G dawg

Just a good name for a whale

Jospeh from Nollamara

Big Blue

It's big, it (was) blue and, being a simple name, is something that people will remember quite quickly.

Benjamin from Greenwood


It’s a blue whale and it’s in an Australian museum...a true blue Ozzie.

Justine from Butler


Short for Titanic meaning large

Karen from Busselton


Large, Gigantic

Karen from Busselton


The colour of the sky or the colour of the sea

Karen from Busselton

Francis (Frankie) for short

I think Francis it’s a pretty fitting name because the whale was on display all those years at the Museum at the Francis Street building and is now returning to the same building. Also I am unsure of the sex of the whale but Francis (Frankie) is a unisex name so win win.

Tracy from Darling Downs


His/her spirit will live on forever.

Roberta from Merredin


His/her spirit will live on forever.

Roberta from Merredin


Using the same theory for naming a blue heeler

Verity from Mitcham


I think it should be named this because she was found in the Vasse River.

Samara from Busselton


In Hawaiian Kai means water, in Japanese as a name one of its meanings is ocean a fitting name for a gentle giant.

Julianne from Little Grove


From the story Moby dick

Paul from Waikiki

Aussie True Blue

Because he was found in Western Australia and is a true Blue Whale.

Eric from Broadwater


Its my granddaughter's name and its beautiful, its different from all the others choices and she would be thrilled to have a blue whale named after her.

Valerie from Thornlie

Daisy’s Mamang

I think ‘Daisy’s Mamang’ is a good name for the whale as we are acknowledging 2 things, firstly the person who found it (Daisy) and secondly the traditional owners language for whale (Mamang). Instantly visitors to the museum will learn 2 very important bits of information about our whale.

Julie from High Wycombe

Vase Buso

Cause thats where it's from.

Dannielle from Busselton

Koomba Gil-git

Noongar for Big Fish I think its important to remember the traditional owners of our land and encourage the use of the traditional language so that it isn't forgotten!

Michael from Secret Harbour


The name is shared with the creator of the greatest whale tale ever told. All be it a story of a sperm whale. Melville's story of Moby Dick is a classic. And the nod to Melville may also encourage visitors of the museum to then visit the library on there way.

Robert from Tuart hill



Justin from Morley


Picked something gender neutral. And for obvious reason!

E from Mount Pleasant


Named after Waleed Aly. He seems like a cool guy who cares about the environment.

Vanessa from West Perth

Mystic blue

Because I think it is a mystical being. There is still a lot of things for us to learn about it and since it is from the deep big blue see I think that it is just right to call it Mystic Blue. A mysterious and magnificent creature from the sea.

Liam from Aveley

The King of the museum

This whale is the biggest animal in the museum, so we can call him King of the museum.

Somayeh from Yokine

Optimus Prime

I am of the strong opinion that this is the greatest name for an animal as it shows strength of character and leadership skills. Also my family and friends would not name any of their children, dogs or cats Optimus Prime much to my dismay.

James from Fremantle


Herbet seems like a name for a gentle giant, just like the blue whale. Although he may be one of the most dangerous creatures in the aquatic world, I feel like Herbet probably is just looking for friends, of which he will find many at the WA Mueseum.

Sarah from Joslin


Because he/she lived on Francis street for so long

Moira from Wellard


Red, in great Australian tradition of calling a redhead Blue, we should call the blue whale Red

Linda from Kardinya

Gentle Giant

That's the feeliing they project.

Sue from Ardross


In Hungarian language it means blue, and so nice and easy to use.

Veres from Debrecen

Mouse or Carl

Mouse because the specific name musculus is Latin and could mean "muscle", but it can also be interpreted as "little mouse" or Carl after Carl Linnaeus, who named the species in 1758 (Systema Naturae).

Lisa from Koondoola


Our great whale was found at the Vasse rivermouth. Delta another term for rivermouth.

Lisa from Kalamunda


Cause it's cute and unassuming.

Karen from Maylands

Whaley McWhale Face

Because it is the most orginal, creative, most name defining name out there!

Cameron from Ballajura


Named after my grandfather who worked at the WA museum for over 30+ years. He loved the blue whale even showing kids funny faces in the shapes of the bones

Ryley from Madeley


Bertha Locke discovered the whale you should name it after her

Rae from Waterloo


Gawura, aboriginal name for a whale

Kym from Burns beach


I think the whale should be called Jeff, my whole class thinks that Jeff would be a perfect name for the whale, thanks Blake

Blake from Bateman


Celeste means Baby Blue in Italian.

Claudette from Scarborough


“Mystic” - Meaning Supernatural or Other Worldly which is apt for a majestic creature like blue whale and also it is derived from the word “Mysticeti” which is the blue whale’s parvorder..

Sandeep from Balcatta


Mammang is an interesting name compared to a Bob, Jane etc and is the Noongar spelling for Whale according to the Noongar Dictionary by Peter Bindon and Ross Chadwick (WA Museum). Great to see other people have suggested this name too.

James from Geraldton WA

True Blue

It’s an Aussie folk song and it’s a Blue whale. The perfect name.

Carl from Dianella

Sea Shepherd

The whales name should reflect the protection that our sea life requires.

Matt from Padbury

The Bony Baleen Blue

Because it's a Bony Baleen Blue Whale

Rhys from City Beach


Bala is short for Balaenoptera musculus, (Blue whale). Bala is also a Sanskrit word that has several meanings: “young,” “powerful,” “strength of mind” and “child-like,” among others. I think this is a great name and symbolic for the museum.

Rebecca from Golden bay

Amber Gris

Amber is a nice name. Gris is a bad a## surname. Together they sound fantastic like a sweet perfume

Richard from Claremont


A shout out to the taxidermist Otto Lipfert, as Herman was his first name and someone who spent a long time preparing the whale as well as being the first resident taxidermist at the museum. The name Herman also signifies someone grand or large like Herman Munster!

Justine from Wembley


A play on the whale's scientific name of Balaenoptera musculus

Sharon from Perth

Frenchman’s Bluey

Because it was here in Frenchman bay that you wil find the whale’s skeleton

Rogene from Lockyer



David from Carramar

Noah Moore Wailing

Noah saved all the animals in the ark and is also the name of our classroom mascot. Moore is the name a James Bond actor who was iconic just like the whale and also there is so much more of the whale than any other animal. Wailing because the whale bones would have heard many children crying. For younger children it signifies no more crying and for older children it signifies no more whaling.

Room 3 Thornlie Primary School from Thornlie


Mabel the whale

Stephanie from Maylands

Sir David

I think this whale should be named after Sir David Attenborough, the truly mighty figure of wildlife around the world. I can't think of anyone more worthy. I think he'd get a kick out of it, and might visit the New Museum to meet the whale!

Alice from Darwin


After reading today’s obituary about John Bannister , zoologist, I feel it would be a fitting tribute. John Bannister became an international leader in the study of whales including blue whales and a Director of WA museum for 17 years continuing his research and Chair of Friends of the Museum after retirement!

Glenda from Wembley

True Blue Aussie

I think True Blue Aussie is a perfect name for a whale that is being exhibited in Australia. Plus, If you're a True Blue Aussie, that means you're like super serious about being an Aussie. But the part of True Blue kind of applies for any blue whale. One of the oldest sayings in Australia is Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. It is the perfect name for a True Blue Aussie whale.

Sydney from Iluka

1. Charles, Prince of Whales; 2. Blue

1 Because it is amusing and the blue whale is the biggest animal on the planet and so is "animal" royalty! I feel confident Prince Charles, Prince of Wales would not be offended. 2. Whilst obvious, it plays on the Aussie colloquialism of "true blue" and it is a BLUE whale skeleton.

Lynette from Floreat

Blue (what else?!)

It’s Aussie, it’s playful, it’s affectionate, it’s kinda ... derivative :)

Beth from Safety Bay

Big Bertha

For the young girl who found the Big Blue Whale so Big Bertha.

Katrina from Falcon


Nane reflects the city of Busselton

Darryl from West Busselton


Hello, Western Australian Museum! I believe Jeff is a good name for the Blue Whale, it reminds me of a family friend, Jeff. Jeff was the best person anyone could be and on top of that he LOVED whales, to the point that he had shirts, bed sheets, figurines and plates of them! Whenever the chance he would bring up an interesting fact about whales or pointed out a whale in the most bizarre spots! Jeff's basically devoted his whole life to whales, I can't remember a single time Jeff didn't have something to do with whales around him, even if there was I'm sure he was thinking about them. In recent years Jeff passed away, leaving our family with holes in our hearts'. I believe Jeff would be best suited for the Blue Whale, for it (to our family's) has so much meaning behind it. Thank you for reading, Beau

Beau from Bendigo


Bertha was the name of the young Lady who found her washed up on Wonnerup Beach many years ago i feel it is the right thing to do. The beautiful story is on Memories of Busselton. I saw it as a of less than eight years with my Dad when it was in the open shed and I have never forgotten it. he was the one who told me it had been washed up on Wonnerup beach

Leonie from Halls Head

Doby Mick

For obvious reasons

Melina from Dowerin


The blue whale is a distinguishable master of the ocean, where its audience is in awe every time its seen.

Elise from South Yunderup

Baleine Bleue

There are many names we could give this beautiful creature but reading up on the facts & the history behind this whale, I think this name is very fitting. It washed ashore & remained at the mouth of the Vasse River near Bussellton & remained there for 3 years. The Vasse River was named after Frenchman Timothy Vasse, hence why I've chosen the French terminology of Blue Whale...Baleine Bleue. This name comes across as strong & significant, which represents our whale well & also shares a link with the history of our whale & our state. I think it's future display in the museum is extremely exciting and to showcase the Blue Whale at it's unveiling in 2020 as 'Baleine Bleue' would be amazing!

Jodie from Kingsley


Cerulean Glory or Cerulean Glory Oversees Tides.

Dean from Booragoon


Named after Bertha Elvina Locke or Daisy as she was also known as who discovered the washed up beach near Busselton in 1897.

Matthew from Midland


Just like the Tom Hanks film “castaway” This could be “WILSON the whale.”

Chris from Dunsborough


Mamang is one of the Indigenous names for “whale” not necessarily a Blue Whale though - perhaps it would be more respectful to ask the SW indigenous custodians what the name should be ...

Jen from Busselton


Found in Busselton

Beverley from Rockingham


Reminds me of deep sea and calmness and peace and serenity

Phoebe from Rockingham


It’s a blue whale

Flynn from Rockingham

Le Grand bleu

Something this special this big coming from the big blue shows how insignificant we all are in the tree of life they are truly majestic in every way

Matthew from South fremantle

Megan Lawless

Have just posted this story about the lady who found the whale. She was known as Daisy but her real name was Bertha. Wouldn't it be a great name - Big Bertha the whale! :) Love your work WA Museum!

Megan from Bunbury


I'm sure it's been suggested a thousand times, but that poor bloke who headed the effort to recover flense the bones!

David from Middlesex

All Whale Me

Whales rule the ocean.... and rules with an iron fin!

Danii from Willetton


Because she is very graceful

Glenda from Cowaramup


One of the greatest children's books from my childhood is the story of Amos and Boris. Amos, a mouse, falls from the deck of his boat and is on the brink of drowning when Boris, a whale, arrives and carries him miles across the ocean to his home. Years pass until one day when Boris is caught in a massive hurricane and beached. Just when Boris thinks that all is lost. Amos finds him and, with the help of some friends, saves his life by pushing him back into the water. The story moved me as a child because the two creatures could not be more different, however they come to form a deep friendship and admiration for each other. Boris wonders at the slender and minute form of Amos' small mouse body, and Amos marvels at the immensity of Boris. This story shows the incredible diversity of the world and life around us, and how all of the differences actually serve a joyous purpose in allowing friends to help one another out. To close, I think this is a great name for your whale because it reminds all who see this enormous creature that even though the world is huge, at its core is the human heart holding us all together in unity. The reason Amos and Boris could actually help each other was their heart and desire for friendship. Even though other people can seem as huge and intimidating as a whale. Inside their hearts beat the same as anyone else.

Dietrich from Hillsdale, MI


Whales are the keepers of the Akashic records of the planet and the original Ancestors and Earth keepers.

Roberta from Merredin


My Family traditionally on my father's side originated from Kingjaling (Albany) I grew up watching the Maarmoong (whale) frolicking in the ocean. Many dream time stories can be shared by Noongar elders that have been passed on from thousands of years. Would be wonderful to share. Would love to discuss further.

Teresa Yeridan from Armadale WA


Because Dick might be considered too risque :)

Marley from Dianella


Because it’s part of Busseltons history and Daisy Locke found it

Michelle from Busselton

Blue Baleen Bones

Because it's a Baleen Blue Whale and Boney

Rhys from city beach

Allan Davis

If you ever watched qi toi would know why it's a good name

Joe from Midland


Jeff is the most cetaceous name in the universe.

Lyall from Subiaco

Deep Blue

Illustrate the nature of how deep this creature probably goes. A pun on a type of colour saturation. A play on words with artificial intelligence.

Jonathan from East Perth

Balki the Blue Whale

Balki : Perfect Strangers : Theme Song - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now : Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Whale. Makes perfect sense.

Jayne from Innaloo


I love that it is the aboriginal name for whale and think it would be a great name to have.

Karen from East Victoria Park


It means naval in Noongar

Vanessa from South Guildford


Ningaloo is a world heritage area in our great state, Full of beauty and in need of protection, like the beautiful majestic Blue whale which is also protected

Paliza from Bayswater


I chose “Cheynes” as being the last operating whaling station in Australia and more specifically in Western Australia as respect to our past industry and our future preservation of these beautiful animals.

Joseph from Bayswater


It is 1978 and I was 5 years old, it was my year 1 school excursion, the first time I’d been to a museum. I remember walking into the main hall of the Museum of WA and and that I realised how small I am and how magnificent whales and all animals are. I don’t think that moment has ever left me. I know it hasn’t. For some, being under a starlit sky can give you perspective. For me, it was standing Beneath a 24 meter skeleton of a Blue Whale. Magnificent xxx

Bek from Maylands



Kristy from Margaret River


Mamang is the Noongar word for whale. UWA Publishing produced a book called Mamang which was written by Kim Scott and the Wirlomin Noongar Language project. Told in old Noongar, contemporary Noongar and English, the book Mamang captures the deep spiritual connection of the Wirlomin people with the sea.

Deidre from Falcon

Ronald Whalesly

The whale is independent, majestic, magical and deserves more credit.

Sean from Armadale

Willy The Whale

Named after the Bryde's whale that was rescued in 1995 in the Manning River in Taree, Northern NSW.

Helen from Jandakot


It rolls off the tongue and makes the whale personable as well as truely amazing.

Martin from Jandakot


Whales travel in groups called pods and having a buddy when you travel is always a good thing.

Ruby from Lynwood


Whales eat plankton... As this whale is all boney he needs a good meal

Scarlet from Lynwood


Daisy Locke (who found the stranded whale on Wonnerup beach) was my great aunt. Born 12/71868 her name was Bertha Elvina Locke but was always caled Daisy. She was the youngest daughter of John Bavage Locke and Mary (Layman). She lived in the Locke family homestead named Lockeville built 1854 at Wonnerup. She won many horse races and excelled as a woman in the horse racing and breeding industry. In memory of Daisy the whale should be named Bertha after her.

Linda from Inglewood

Salvador Gomez

It’s the name of the amazing man who has spent so much time keeping the skeleton viable at the collections facility, as well as giving him recognition for all the other amazing work he has done for WAM over the years!

Courtney from Wanneroo


Just has to be 'Bluey' mate, even though it's not a 'carrot top'! because it's a true-blue Dinkum Ozzie, just like the cartoon strip "Bluey & Curley".

Norm from Camberwell VIC

Mama Belinda

Inspired by Noongar for geography and Latin for scientific labels

Jess from Langford


It sounds like an Aussie name with the finder's name spelt backwards...also loosely reflects the way whales communicate.

Beverely from Busselton

Moby Blue

It's a cute name for a nice blue whale.

Julian from Rivervale


It’s the Noongar word for whale.

Alena from Albany

Busso Blue

Because it was found in Busselton so it shows where it washed up.

Darren from Meadow Springs


As it just looks like a Bruce and blue whale starts with B and so does Bruce .

Lily from Bullcreek


It sounds like the modern name Wilma but you add Whale because it's a Whale.

John from Iluka


As it is a blue whale so might as well call it bluey

Lily from Bullcreek


Its a splice of two words; Indi - Indian Ocean from where it came. Indigo - Blue in colour

Dave from Thornlie

Brooke Martin

In memory of my cousin who committed suicide earlier this year. Her favorite animal was the blue whale.

Conor from Morley


A fun, unique, and very fitting name which will help attract people of all ages!

Ted from Winthrop


Mouth of the Vasse, it's resting spot.

Daniel from Girrawheen


It's an Aussie blue whale!

Haslam from Swan View

Da Ba Dee

I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa

Scott from Greenwood

The Vasse Viceroy

The skeleton holds a place of importance, of royalty, among the WA museum's exhibits, so I think it deserves a royal title. Viceroy alliterates with Vasse, where the skeleton was discovered, so I thought it would fit the bill.

Jordan from Perth


Because it is contradictory.

Reuben from Ferndale WA

Bluey McBlueface

Bluey is Aussie as mate

Jonathon from Mullaloo

Ole blue or old blue

Because it relates to what it is I guess

Brad from Busselton

Lockeblue (DAISY )

There for the Whale was found by Daisy Locke

Raymond from Busselton 6280

Gawura Wyara

Aboriginal Name for Whale & Bone

Susanna from Queens Park


Do you baleen in life after love?

Josh from Perth

Undalup Mamang

Means "Busselton Whale" in Noongar

Clare from Busselton

MIghty Softy

I think because whales are often depicted as only big lumps of being but I think underneath they are gentle giants.

Tarian from Woodlands


This blue whale is in Australia and one of the most oldest saying in Australia is Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. I think this would be a suitable for a blue whale be exhibited in Australia.

Sydney from Iluka


It was found in Busselton and sounds like a good Aussie name

Vanessa from Warnbro


The name Barney remembers that the whale once swam our oceans with barnacles attached to it.

Ed from Butler

Lockeblue (Daisy)

The young Woman that found it should take its name because it's a male daisy last name should represent the name of the male blue whale she was the one who found it so it's name by finders rites LOCKEBLUE

Raymond from Busselton


Arnie- because the scientific name for a blue whale Balaenoptera musculus sounds like the very buff Mr schwarzenegger!

Alice from Darwin

Dale the Whale

Because you vetoed my first choice and it rhymes.

Chris from Jindalee

Whaley McWhaleface

Just is

Scout from Bayswater

Daisy Blue

A combination of species and the lady who discovered the blue whale.

Carolyn from Busselton


The Noongar word for ocean or sea.

Karen from Nollamara


Albie is a shortened form for Albert or Alberta (which are derived from Albany) and can be used as a nick name for a boy/girl. Also this would link it to Albany where we have a very historic connection with whaling in WA. Albie the Whale also has a nice ring to it for younger and older kids.

Will from Willagee

Eva Gaia

Eva = Life (and first woman on Earth) Gaia = Earth

Georgia from Kingsley

Big Blue

It’s big and it’s blue

Shannon from Wembley


Because whales make a big splash!

Isla from North Perth


It means 'large' in Latin, plus, a Blue Whale is pretty magnificent, and it seems fitting.

Sarah from Blaxland

Bruce Bluebone

Bruce is an iconic Australian name.

Joel from North perth


I think it's a good name as it is a play on Albany. Which was the location of the Whaling station. I don't believe in killing Whales but this happened in the past and the Whaling station played a big part in the history of our state and our history is important to remember for future generations so they don't go back to killing the poor Whales.

Dale from Cannington


It's the noongar word for whale (though there are several ways of spelling it and I am not indigenous so this would need confirmation)

Yvette from Coolbellup


For obvious reasons!

Natalie from Bunbury

Daisy or Nemo

Daisy would be a great name if the skeleton is from a female whale, being named after the finder but if the whale was/is a male Nemo is a name everyone will remember.

Clayton from White Gum Valley


Considering it was found in geographe bay i thought this would be a good name for the beautiful blue whale

Jacinta from Busselton



Mark from South Hedland


I think this would be a great name for the whale because it would also be preserving the name of the lady that found the whale all them years ago.

Jade from Eaton


Noongar for listen. It's easy to to pronounce and remember and pays respects to our traditional land owners that perhaps we might one day listen and learn from them.

Sam from Morley

Big Red

Big Red because it's quintessentially Australian to call redheads Bluey, so why not call this big blue guy Red?



Indigo a blue that is named as the blue in a rainbow a symbol of freedom for many

Lyle from Greenwood

Big Bertha

Feels fitting.

Peter from Willetton

Indiana Bones

An explorer of the Indian Ocean who has left his legacy in the form of himself. His bones hold 'tales' of WA's history, wonderment and mystery. Indiana Bones can bring out the explorer that's in all of us!

Jenna from Nollamara


Finders name

Julie from Busselton

Big Red

We call redheads Bluey so why not Big Red for this Big Blue Whale?

Jimmy from Victoria Park

Big Blue

its big ! its is a blue whale , that name will be recognised when the promotion is done and people will instantly associate with what it is , all verry well having tounge twister words , but if you want a recognisable product ! go with something that everyone can relate to , Big is always a good thing , Blue is the colour of our earth ,

mark from margaret river


A cute name that sounds a bit like 'blue' and kind of sounds like how a whale would probably say blue. "I'm Baloo, that's who." Said the whale.

Andrea from Fortitude Valley

Maxima maris

Latin for largest of the sea, the name next to the behemoth would be awe inspiring!

Aaron from Baldivis


Noongar word for whale is mamang or mimong. It's unique as there are so many dialects across the country and it's educational, helping us all learn the local language.

Michele from NORANDA

True Blue

This is a great Australian name and I feel since it was also the title of Steve Irwin's favourite song by John Williamson. It has that Australian connection with our beatuiful marine life and is a good old Aussie phrase.

Miles from Herne Hill


Due to the fact it’s a skeleton.

Alex from Bayswater

Baleno Beachedas

It’s a mix of the scientific name, and the circumstances in which it was found - science and humour, Gary Larson style.

Jane from City Beach

True Blue

I think it’s simple , encompassing an Aussie vibe.

Sarah from Joondalup

If a female...Daisy

Named after its finder Daisy Locke

Jim from Helena Valley


I like the underwater theme vibe the name gives and the whale is huge like nautilus

Damon from Dudley park


Pronounced Bay-len. It is a shortened version of its scientific name Balaenoptera musculus.

Mikaela from Gidgegannup

Doctor Blue

I think it should be called Dr Blue because the Doctor would have delivered the whale to the beach one afternoon.They are true Time Lords of the Oceans and creatures of wisdom and unknown.When you look upon the exhibit you feel better, so you could market the experience as come and visit the Dr.Everyone would love a trip to the Doctor. We would have the world biggest Dr and cheapest and longest serving state government employed Doctor. Great for mental health you could go Beyond Blue with the Doctor. VOTE 1 DOCTOR BLUE.

John from Bunbury


Because it's clever and fun!

Pauline from Palmyra


At 24m long and a skull of almost 800kg, it would only be suitable for our beautiful Blue Whale to rule our seas.

Michelle from Ballajura


From the Tim Winton book

Ruth from Hazelmere


Noongar for Whale. Connection with 80,000 years of cultural heritage.

Christy from Fremantle


It’s a fun, silly name. It’s easy to remember and kids, as well as adults will enjoy saying it.

Reece from Mardella


Balena means whale in Italian. Given how old it is and how many immigrants came and contributed to Western Australia i think it suits well.

Sarah from Forrestdale


Why not name it after the young woman who found it?

Frog from Queens Park


Grace, for smoothness and elegance of movement. And for Grace Bussell, one of our first heroines.

Lyndl from Greenwood


Jeff is such a glorious name. Under the whale should be a sign reading “my name Jeff”

Thomas from Hillarys

Old Mate Mamang

Combination of new and old Australia names, paying tribute to this great country

Nicolas from Perth

Tubby Bubbley

It rhymes, it pays tribute to its size and that it blows bubbles. Bubbley can also allude to the sparkling wine from WA’s wine district.

Ben from Shenton Park


In homage to the old Museum in Francis St that many of us went to and stared in awe at this magnificent creature.

Jean from Thornlie


In colour theory, blue is a unique hue and similarly the blue whale is a unique creature.

David from Winthrop

DaisyBlue or BlueDaisy

Gives credit to the founder

Sally from Karratha

Our mate blues.

Because he has been around for a Long time, therefore is our mate. Very Australian I think.

Trevor from Kalamunda


I agree with those who suggested the Aboriginal name. Honouring The First People of this land.

Terry from Helena Valley


its the obvious name for a blue whale. Billy Blue

steve from balcatta

The Mighty Mamang

Mamang is the Noongar Aboriginal word for whale. This names celebrates WA’s cultural heritage.

Kathleen from Manning


The colour of an endless blue sky, like she would have swum under....perfect for a blue whale

Peta from Busselton


Just because

Ben from Willetton

Geo Baudin Blue

Geo for Geographe the name of the ship that discovered Busselton and Baudin the captain of that ship. Blue because well it’s a Blue whale.

Leane from Busselton



Margaret from Ferndale


Balena is a simplified spelling related to its scientific name as a baleen whale. Balena sounds nice to say and it links us to the skeleton as the remains of an individual whale that actually lived and enjoyed life in the seas off the coast of Western Australia.

Lesley from Bedford

Old Big Blue

Cos it is BIG whales are BLUE and the skeleton is actually really old. All whales are big and I have heard in story books that they are all Blue but actually some are different colours but still the blue whale is the blue

Liam from Kardinya


Bailey kind of sounds like both baleine, which is french for whale, and bale, which is a portmanteau of blue and whale. But it also sounds a little ridiculous, which is fun!

Casey from Wanneroo


I think the whale should have a woman’s name, so that the museum can have a more inclusive mascot. This could encourage young women and girls in school to persue history as a career - which is particularly important for a topic so often referred to as “his”-story. Sally is a short, simple name; which is just memorable enough to stick. The fact that it ends in an “e” sound will also help it sick in people’s minds, rather than something obscure and difficult to remember.

Will from 6056


My old man was named Jeffery 'Jeff' and loved whales with a passion, he'd take me fishing every winter to see the migration and just stare in awe at the magnificent beasts. So please, for my father name this beautiful creature after him.

Raelin from St Lucia


Based on a quick internet search its the Noongar word for Ocean. I think it would be great to name the whale from the Noongar Boodjar language so we are actively celebrating and and keeping the language of the original custodians alive. I couldnt find it, but the Noongar word for whale could also be cool (and then it would be *Whale* Blue Whale). Disclaimer: this would need to be checked with Noongar elders to ensure there is no disrespect. There is no disrespect intended in this suggestion.

Emma from Mt Lawley


Wooyan - the Nyungar word for blue to celebrate their custodianship of the environment.

Claire from Ferndale

Big Milky

Whales are mammals, so produce milk for their babies. Naming the whale big milky would be a great reminder of this fact - and the fact we're actually swimming with and in whale milk whoever we venture into the oceans!

Cat from North Perth

Whalely Mcwhaleface

Reflects the whales face and its history

Callum from Seville grove

Governor Kim

I reckon this is a good name for a whale as, like our Governer, he's larger than life, gentle, majestic and rare.

Luke from Kalamunda


I don't, but if there's even the slightest chance of naming a dead whale after me, I'll take it.

Thomas from Duncraig


After Daisy Locke, I think she deserves some recognition

Emma from Busselton


There is a story of Whajduk people that we've heard from Noel Nannup where when the sea levels rise they took trapped the spirits of the children underneath the sea and the only way to return the spirits to the sea is through whales - Mamong is the Whadjuk name for whale.

Madison from Willagee

Tasman Kellett

Tasman means big and Kellett means fish

Gavin from Morley

Amber Grey

The spanish word for grey is gris. So her name would be ambergris (whale vomit used in perfumes)



Such a noble name for a blue whale whilst also allowing visitors to the museum to gain a sense of empathy and humanity towards the great whale.

Alex from Rossmoyne


Bluey the Blue Whale epitomises what Australia is all about.

Rory from Kinross


Quinotaurs are mythological beings linked to whales. It’s an old and cryptic reference to an old and cryptic skeleton, and I think it would be a fun thing to explain to smaller children with their imaginations. Teaching them the science of naturalism along with some fun mythological history. Let’s make sure the new museum is a place where our children, our future, can dream and learn and enjoy the public infrastructure established by the people through their State Government.

Jesse from Brabham


The Nyoongar word for 'whale'.

Tristan from Morley

Big Bussie (like big bessie)

It follows the tradition of Big Pineapple and all things big in “straya” and it incorporates the location

Antonia from Coobellup

Blew West

Blue Whale, Blow hole, Western Australia

Matthew from Butler


Easy to remember

Christien from Canning Vale

Baleine Bleue

It is Blue Whale in French. The bay where the whale was caught(Geographe Bay) was named by French explorer Nicolas Baudin who named the bay after his ship.

Wendy from Geographe


After John Gilmour. A larger then life tribute for a larger than life gent and West Aussie treasure.

Ashayla from Bassendean


Reminds us of when Dan wins a Grand Prix.

Marty from Hamersley


I thought it was already called Courtney

Khade from Perth


In spirit of what it is a blue whale

Chris from Port Kennedy


I had a close childhood friend called Jeff who wanted to be a marine biologist. He had a hard school life and I’m not sure he ever made it to becoming a marine biologist, so I’d love for this whale to remind him of his dream. Generations moving forward will see Jeff and want to be marine biologist, like Jeff (person) could have been.

Samuel from Victoria Park


It looks like a beached whale

Jeremy from Dalyellup


It’s a great name

Ben from Wembley


Simple name and something a whale might do

Sean from Dianella

Whaley McWhaleface

Ummmm... I think yes

Izak from Roleystone


Jeff well represents the whales personality. Jeff is pretty chill, loves cruising around the ocean just doing Jeff’s thing. Jeff is a calm and soothing mate who’d have a beer with you

Josh from Bullsbrook


Let’s make a splash with a wonderful whale pun.

Ben from Baynton

Whaley McWhaleFace

dab on the h8rs

Aish from North Coogee

Daisy Blue

My daughter thought Mr Blue worked and I suggested combining her name with the name of the person who claimed the original skeleton, Daisy.

J from Willetton

Prince of Whales

Because soon he’ll be King of the Museum

Jo from North Perth


Jeff seems to be the most popular with the kids

Nicholas from Wanneroo


I think Moby is a great name because it is something everyone will remember and the more people that connect with the name will be interested in the exhibit.

Adam from Rockingham


Esperance, an idyllic town on our southern coastline is the French word for hope, so our whale can have a connection to the Southern Ocean as well as being related to the whale called "Hope" in the Natural History Museum in London. The name Hope is an aspiration to preserve our oceans. As a nation surrounded by ocean, let us share that noble sentiment.

Trevor from Watermans Bay


WA term for "Blue Whale Skeleton"

Jason from Carramar

Old Bluey

It's enduring. It's Australian. It was also probably very old.

Sharona from Riverton

Big Boombah

It's really big

Sasha from Wembley



Shaba from Bertram

Mammang Blue

Because it's better than Jeff

Sabine from Wembley

bluey the whale

for it's original colour

adam from gnowangerup

Whaleed Aly

Because it speaks for itself

Ernest from Osborne Park

Krill Bill

This is such a unique and majestic name for old boney!

Toby from Highgate


Montagne is the french word for mountain whoch I feel is appropriate for a beastie this majestic.

Thomas from Rainhill

'True Blue'

As in the song 'True Blue'. It is an infamous Australian song. It kind of sums up the 'Aussie Spirit' The discovery of the whale was made in Australia, in particular Western Australia.


Otto the Whale

As a tribute to Otto Lipfert, the taxidermist who preserved the skeleton of this majestic creature so generation after generation can appreciate this wonder of the ocean.

Colin from Geraldton


It’s such a short and rememberable name

Sam from Karawara


Why wouldn't a a whale who's BLUE like to be called WAFFLES

Tesh from Belmont

Prince Phlipper of Wales

I just think its funny

rachel from Gosnells

Barnacle Barnadette

Barnacles and whales - name a more iconic duo.

Mimi from Perth


The name Jeff is a very important name to our generation and should definitely be commemorated with this whale

Harry from Busselton


The name is poetic and just sounds lovely!

Conor from Wandina



Jessica from Dalyellup

Wally McWhaleface

Because people with no sense of humour rejected Whaley McWhaleface

Mitchell from Boronia

Whaley McWhaleface

Keeping up with the trends i.e. Boaty McBoatface

Sophie from Lesmurdie


I’ve met the whale personally, he introduced himself as Jeff.

Kyle from Claremont


It honours Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who was incredibly influential in the conservation of marine life, especially cetaceans. His life was one given to the greater good of science and such dedication deserves to be recognised - now and forever.

James from Kelmscott

Big Willy

An iconic behemoth such as a blue whale deserves an equally monumental name. Big Willy perfectly complements the fossil's enormity while also referencing a widely known and loved whale (without infringing on copyright). International media will undoubtedly come flocking to Perth to report on Big Willy, the most breathtaking and beautifully named whale fossil in the world. Tourists will pay premium price to see the splendour of the famous Big Willy of WA. When it comes to blue whales, size does matter, so why not give it the biggest, boldest name possible?

Mitch from Woodvale

Blue Bones

Although it's bones may be white, it's still a colourful character.

Branden from Two Rocks


It’s friendly and approachable

Aimee from Currambine


It means "noble born" which is apt for such an awesome animal. Also, it sounds friendly and would be fun and easy for kids.

David from Stratton


Named after the finder Daisey Locke.

Jennifer from Vasse


Just from having a bit of a read I can see that the blue whales usually pass through Bremer Bay canyon, where people often do whale watching. It seems like a fitting name given the travel link and the alliteration makes it easy to say - Bremer the Blue Whale.

Holly from Tuart Hill


In the movie 22 jump street Channing Tatum says 'my name is Jeff' and i think that was very funny xD

Cale from South Perth


Like the legendary treat that "swims" in our milk, Milo the Whale would be a testament to the legendary creatures that swim through our oceans. Plus it's a bit of a fun name and super Australian

Miles from Bassendean

Micheal an miol mor

Irish for Michael the whale, why - because it sounds good

Joseph from UK


Aborignal word for- Belonging to the Sea

Amanda from Eden hill

Karawi Mammang

In Noongar language Karawi is Big Mammang is Whale

Pri from Ascot


"Wawa" WA WA - promoting an amazing exhibit while shouting out WA and promoting this State. Wawa the Whale sounds ok too. Looking forward to visiting the new museum and seeing this incredible specimen.

Greg from Medina


Because I just love it because it’s a really good name.

Abigail from Tuart Hill


I think it's a good name because it is a cute name and is sounds good with whale and I think whales are cute especially blue whales.

Lauren from Como


It represents Geographe Bay where the whale was found originally, and represents ‘earth’ that we need to protect to continue caring for whales

Kym from Busselton


Wardan the Whale would be a great name as ‘Wardan’ is the Noongar word for the Ocean or Sea.

Donna from Cottesloe


After the woman who found it.

Jolene from Geographe


It absolutely should be named after Ms Daisy Locke who found the whale at Busselton in 1897. So it's name should be Daisy for a girl or Lockey for a boy.

Megan from Bunbury

True Blue Leviathan

Australian true blue whale only can be known as this

Pri from Ascot


Named after finder

Chris from Busselton


Because it will be situated in the Hackett Hall, with the room named after Winthrop Hackett.

Andy from Western Australia

True Blue

True Blue Aussie!

victoria from sawyers valley

Bluey Mamang

It embodies the indigenous name with a common Ozzy slang nickname.

Brian from SORRENTO


It reflects both the name of the animal and Luigi is an Italian name that reflects the many Italian immigrants who found homes in WA.

Anna from North perth


Jonah is a prophet and is the central figure in the Book of Jonah. Jonah is called upon by God to travel to Nineveh and warn its residents to repent of their sins or face divine wrath. Instead, Jonah boards a ship to Tarshish. Caught in a storm, he orders the ship's crew to cast him overboard, whereupon he is swallowed by a giant fish. Three days later, after Jonah agrees to go to Nineveh, the fish vomits him out onto the shore. Only one species of fish could shallow a man whole and spit him out in one piece with no injuries and that is a giant blue whale, therefore I believe Jonah is an interesting name that could be used for the whale.



I think Wardani would make an excellent name for the blue whale skeleton. Wardandi is the Aboriginal name for the area where the whale washed ashore in Bussellton.

Carolyn from PERTH

Detective Noodles

Whales are very smart and also very long so this name is very appropriate.

Anna from North perth

Mr Whale

Because you want something simple that everyone will remember

Sam from Forrestfield

Gracey “Waayan” Blue

Recognises her Aboriginal name and European heritage in Busselton. I Remember Val Humphries telling us the story how it was lifted into the roof of old museum building during my museum studies classes at university

Peter from Ferndale


Jonah lived in the belly of such a whale and it would be great for kids to look at the skeleton and imagin what it might have been like for him

Yasmeen from South Perth


I haven't yet in my life met a whale named Jeff so it would be very unique to call this whale Jeff, thanks.

Stephen from Woodvale

Tru Blu

Doesn’t get more dinkum than that!

Lorri from Julimar


It is the Nyoongar word for whale and would be a really respectful reference to the original inhabitants of this remarkable land.

Madelyn from Chidlow

Big blue boi

Since I have used ‘boi’ the teenagers of today will want to come and see it to take a picture. This will mean you will sell more tickets, making a larger profit!

Katrina from North Beacb


It's old. Wally is an old fashioned name. It's very Australian.

Lorns from Jindalee


I am in absolute awe at the size of this unit

James from Roseville


This is the Noongar world for whale. Apt considering the Museum is on Noongar land.

Chris from West perth


The blue whale was found near the mouth of the Vasse River, so named after Timothee Vasse who was lost from his ship in that area.

Fiona from Margaret River

Blue bones

Because it's a blue whale and just all bones

Michael from Lakelands


It’s french for Jeff.

Isobel from Yokine


Named for Daisy Locke the girl who found the whale corpse washed up on the Busselton beach.

Annie from Quinns Rocks


It's short, simple and totally fitting. Also, it seems like most people would agree with me!

Ethan from Kardinya


We need wisdom to protect our earth

Barbara from Kendenup


It is the Noongar word for whale

Rachael from North Perth


My name jeff

Antonio from West Perth

Blue Daisy

‘Blue’ to signify Blue Whale, and ‘Daisy’ after the lady who discovered the whale

Simone from Bayswater

Option 1) Bone Hemian Rhapsody Option 2) The Natural Born Kriller

Because they are hilarious and I am a genius!

Toby from Highgate

Jeff Blue

Jeff is a fine name for a whale and it's a "Blue" whale

Jason from Carramar


Jeff is just a great guy

Sheldon from Mandurah

Daisy or Lockie

After the lady that found it 120 years ago

Carol from Mt Lawley


For a dear friend Bodhi who loves blue whales named wayno

Jett from Gosnells

Whaleface mcwhale

Something different

Kirby from Kingsley


Jeff is a name associated with greatness - Jeff the purple wiggle, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Buckley - it's only right we give this absolute unit the name it deserves

kieran from south hedland


In Hebrew, the original name for a whale is a leviathan!

Topaz from Claremont


Because Jeff is the most superior name. If it's not called Jeff I am not coming.

Nic from Banjup

Koomba Koondart

I second this idea by Cam from Leederville. Beautiful!

Ainsley from MORLEY


Because calling it Sugar would be weird...

Chris from Aveley

Blue Steel

Blue Steel

Emma from Inglewood

Aaron Lee

This is a great name for the whale as I take a huge pride in the way I conduct myself and I would only imagine such a majestic whale would have also in its prime.

Aaron from cockburn


Because it’s yummy

Nick from Cockburn central

The Blue Sentinel

The whale watched over the ocean when it was alive, and has kept watched over the old museum. And when the time comes the whale will be here to keep watch over the new museum.

Joanne from Thornlie


Though it is short, this is a name that conveys the size and magnamity of such an incredible creature.

Mars from Dunriegroo

Whaley McWhaleface

It needs a memorable name

Kate from Alexander Heights

Whaley McWhaleface

It obvious, isn’t it?

John from Ballajura

Long Boi

Whales are the biggest mammals in the world, and they are very l o n g so the name is perfect

Claire from Kardinya

Your Mum

It's a classic bound to keep the kids entertained. Also I'm not very mature.

Jeremy from 6155

The Absolute Unit

In awe at the size of this lad.

Reece from Bentley

Waylon Smithers

As much as giving things serious names is nice and all, us WA folk are a lot more fun than that. Pays homage to a great show and is simply more entertaining than a 'meaningful' name, tourists will love it. Full of the pzazz and flair that we love the state for. Maybe theres something about being The Court's neighbour too.

Harry from Highgate


The Blue Whale is species "Balaenoptera musculus".

Leigh from Coolbinia

Natural Born Kriller

Whales are great, this film was great

Toby from Highate


Because i believe that jeff portrays its personality

James from Victoria park


B is the start of blue and ale is from whale.

Liv from Coolbinia


I think we should name the whale George because it is a classy name which will make the whale seem fancy but it will also shows just how old he is as George is an older name. George the whale also sounds much better than Whaley McWhale Face the Whale.

Connie from Kelmscott


Because it is a mix of blue, whale and jumbo.

Liv from Coolbinia


Quintessential Australian nick name.

Annie from Lathlain


Its the obbosit of a white whale right?

Jed from The left one

Balaenoptera musculus

thats its binomial name

Gideon from Canning Vale


Cos this is ‘Straya

Callum from South Perth


Nyoongar word for whale

Gideon from Canning Vale

Count Bubbles

A majestic name for a majestic bubble blowing whale

Emily from Busselton

Whaley Mcwhaleface

Why not!

JO-ANN from casuarina

Bluey Mc Bluefins

Because it used to have blue fins.

Rachel from Mandurah


Let's just say Im hungry , it's bloody cold & the story made me think of being down by the beach & ( THATS a big peice if fish .ok technically a ..mammal ) looks like a fish , more then a cow , at Cottesloe where I get good fishnchips

Leonard from Wilson


Please ignore my earlier entry, 'koomba' is the Noongar word for 'big', which describes the blue whale pretty well.

Claire from Rivervale


In honour of the Francis Street Building where it was originally displayed :)

Francis from Nollamara


It's a Noongar word for 'sea' or 'ocean', the home of blue whales.

Claire from Rivervale


Jeff is a name that really captures the beauty and majesty of such a creature. "Look at Jeff just out from the starboard." It is culturally suited, and many will find the name to be a pleasing reflection of the creatures physicality and spiritual life.

Josh from Dianella


Aaron Sandilands is big, like this whale. He’s a WA icon, like this whale. Also Sandi, like a beach.

Sophie from Crawley


because whales can be people too

Jeff from clarkson


Have you ever met a skinny person named clive

Hayden from Martin


Geoff is a variation of Jeff

Jacobus from Iluka

Koobarniny Blue

Please excuse me if my spelling is incorrect. Koobarniny is Noongar for Big, and Blue.. as in the colour. Big Blue

Matt from Bateman

The Great Australian Blue

The Great Australian Bight is a great Aussie icon so why not The Great Australian Blue.

Andrew from Westminister


From the old biblical story Jonah and the Whale where Jonah gets swallowed up and protected by the whale.

Tanya from Dalyellup


It’s the most beautiful name in the world

John from Viewbank

Aaron Sandilands

It's the largest landbound vertebrate in Western Australia, duh

Tom from South Fremantle


Because Jeff, the purple wiggle, is always yawning - and yawning sounds like whale sounds!

Candice from East Perth


Nyungah word for whale. It's a strong name

Steven from Menora


Because the name Bwampo just sounds big and fat, and the whale was big and fat so I think that would be a very suitable name. Something like Guang or Whomp would also suit it well.

Fried S. from Perth

Belinda Cotton


Belinda from Hamilton Hill


the Blue Whale needs an elegant powerful name, it depicts strength, power, majesty and domination. Jeff, name it Jeff

Miguel from Quezon City


Gnalla is the Noongar word for Us/Our... The blue whale has been an important part of our community, bringing generations of people together.

Elizabeth from BAYSWATER

Whaley McWhalephace

Because technically not disallowed and I think the masses should have their way. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!! (Edward is a close second)

Samuel from Mount Lawley


Because it’s blue

Leigh from Kalamunda

What a ripper!

What a ripper! Is what they wouldve said when they found this gentle giant

Noah from Lathlain

Big Bone Bertha

She got some big ol' bones and I think she just looks like a Bertha.

Eirik from North Perth


Gawura is the name given by the Dharawal people of NSW for whale.

Graeme from East Victoria Park


Why not mate

Conor from Woodvale


Relatively simple, Hugo for huge. It also means bright minded or intelligent, something often exhibited by our cetacean friends, and fitting for the musuem.

Alexander from Highgate

Naked mole rat

Naked mole rats are cute

Brittney from Midland

Freely McWilly

Because everyone has heard of it, and it's the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a whale. Even though it's not the same type of whale. But unfortunately, Blue Whale has a sad side to it, as there was that game going around for a while. So I would like to stick with the happy side from the 90's.

Kristel from Two Rocks

Jake Wittey

Jake is a top bloke

Kieran from Bedford

Waayan Warrior

Waayan is the aboriginal name for Blue and Warrior after the ship that bought the first settlers to Busselton.

Melissa from Canning Vale

Deep Blue

The blue whale dives deep and the Deep Blue name is catchy.

Jaryd from Burns Beach

Big Blue

The blue whale is the largest creature on Earth and this skeleton deserves to be recognised as BIG and BLUE rhymes with the name.

Larin from Burns Beach


Really suits the big behemoth. All the big units I know are named jeff and the blue whale should be no different.

Dylan from KARDINYA


Its the indeginous word for whale.

Kate from Maylands

Otto Bluey

Because Otto was the taxiderrmist who restored the blue whale and I think his name deserves to be named with Bluey ;-)

Roxy from Burns Beach


It automatically makes me think of something large and majestic

Nicola from Port Kennedy


Because that is what he is now.

Patricia from Pinjarra


has WA and ningaloo reef combined



Maa would be short for Maamoong which is the Noongar word for whale.

Jessica from Success

Jake Wittey

If I could name everything after myself, I'd do it. I'm very narcissistic.

Jake from West Perth


It has a pun element but also sounds rather proper and distinguished, which is how he should be regarded.

Emma from Bayswater


It just fits.

Kim from Hamilton Hill

Despacito 2

We've been long awaiting the release of this track and to hear it come out of this dead whale would be the best way to debut

James from Thornlie

Whaley Mcwhaleface

Part of Australian maritime history

Michael from Crawley


Noongar word for whale.

Shelley from Wilson

Poseidon Blue.

Poseidon was the Greek God of the ocean.A fitting tribute for a magnificent creature to be named after a God.

Susan from Port Kennedy

Poseidon Blue.

Poseidon was the Greek God of the ocean.A fitting tribute for a magnificent creature to be named after a God.

Susan from Port Kennedy


How is it not a great name for our whale ?

Chris from Hamersely

Wayno the Whale

Every football club has a "Wayno". Blue whales are quite clearly the Waynos of the water.

Bodhi from Southern River

Busselton Blue

It is a product from Busselton and the people that defleshed it's where looking to the future. Recognising them and the place is important. It was the first thing we as children went to look at and next the canoe to see if the notice was true . None of us died

Laurie from Brookton 6306

the blue sea whale

i think the blue sea is a good name because i like the name

stephen from herne hill

Koomba Koondart

It's translates to Big Cloud in Noongar

Cam from Leederville

Kriller Mike

Named after Michael Render's stage name Killer Mike... but with a whale twist.

Ryan from Mt Lawley


Vassetto is a hybrid of the name of the location where the whale was originally found (Vasse) and Otto, the taxidermist who preserved the whale. The combination of the two not only represents the whale from a geographical perspective, but the joining of the two words also reflects the values of teamwork and collaboration that have always proven vital in the preservation of the blue whale.

Matthew from Swanview


The name sounds australian and can be said in this context 'oi, bluey'

Erin from Inglewood


Its a good strong name. Whales should have people names.

Ryan from Maylands


Because the whale saved Jonah. Please nothing to do with the Japanese. This week we have lost another Japanese POW.

Marion from WEMBLEY


It honours the taxidermist who tirelessly work to have this beautiful creature preserved. Otto also means wealth or prosperity. This skeleton has contributed to a wealth of Perth’s history, as well as a wealth of knowledge about the blue whale.

Sarah from Jane Brook

Jemima Ootent Nim Nims the Third

It’s a completely unique and awesome name with no specific gender bias :)

Rowan from South Yarra


Whale evolution is completely fascinating- they emerged from the water, developed into a land mammal, then went back to the water. Also they have big brains!

Sarah from Perth

Alan Davies

Because British Comedian and QI regular Alan Davies often references blue whales.

Jason from Carramar

Rorqual Ochre

Ochre as used for Earth Pigments or Colours that may often be associated with a particular usage or meaning.Aboriginal people use different rock and clay by crushing or grinding of minerals or mineral aggregate . Rorqual largest group of Family within including the Blue whale

ashley from attadale

“Red” or “Wilgee”

Red is Aussie for blue of course! Wilgee, in the same vein, is Noongar for Ochre (red or yellow).

Julia from Greenfields


Because it's not.

Jonathan from Ballajura

Blue Nomad

It's a Blue Whale and basically it lives a nomadic life.

Douwe from Roleystone

Whale Mcwhaleface

Because you ruled out Whaley?

James from Mandurah


Because it’s in the true blue Aussie tradition of putting a y on the end of a word and there by giving it its nickname.

Kelly from Secret harbour


Because it's a name after it's scientific name "Balaenoptera musculus" and it's baleen feeding method.

Tony from High Wycombe



Rod from BUNBURY


Our whale washed ashore in Busselton in 1898. In 1876, 16 year old Grace Bussell and Sam Isaacs, an Aboriginal stockman, rode their horses into the ocean near Busselton to rescue people from the wreck of the SS Georgette. Naming our whale Grace recognizes the courage and spirit of young Western Australians, connects to the ocean and local area, and reflects the extraordinary grace and beauty of these marine giants.

Tanya from Wembley


It's the WA Noongar(Indigenous) word for the colour "Blue". :)

Sophie from High Wycombe

Balaena Blue

Because Balaenoptera musculus is far too much of a mouthful! Baelena means whale : )

Sarah Jane from Maddington


Because it pays tribute to the Museum’s taxidermist, Otto Lipfert in 1898.

Jessica from Secret Harbour


I think that Mystic is the perfect name because the blue whale is a marine mammal belonging to the baleen whale parvorder, Mysticeti.

Victoria from Kelmscott

'Blue the Whale' (in Noongar Language)

Simple and indigenous, I tried to find the translation but could not. In respect of our native people I feel an indigenous name would be appropriate.

Elaine from Heathridge


In honor of Western Australian resident Jeff Hansen, the Managing Director of Sea Sheoherd Australia and all the work he and his team have done to protect whales over the past 11 years.

Natalie from Yokine

Otto or "Lipfert

Either "Otto or "Lipfert" (in honour of taxidermist.) Or 'Bluey' (for obvious reasons) Or the name for 'Whale' from one of WA's Traditional Owner groups (Noongar or maybe Gnulli!)

Michelle from WILLAGEE

Old Bluey

I remember your whale skeleton from way back. He's so old! He, along with all the WA Museum collections helped shape my love of science. I am now approaching retirement and in a primary school Science teacher role. 'Old Bluey' gives a nice old fashioned Aussie ring to the name. Retro but almost hipster in nature.

Ian from Wembley

Koomba Wooyan

Koomba Wooyan means "Big Blue" in noongar, it's a Blue Whale which is large and blue from its name.

Selina from Mirrabooka

From the Deep Blue

A take on habitate and species.

Brett from Nollamara


I am huge fan of former US Vice President Walter Mondale of Minnesota.

Callan from Midland


In honour of the taxidermist of this particular Blue Whale

Michelle from WILLAGEE

Jack Woodcock

He was a pioneer to our historic whaling industry down Albany

Jack from Beaconsfield

Koolang Bardan Carrier - KBC

During an interview in 2016 when asked about the Noongar relationship between the ocean and the Noongar people during the dreamtime, Noel Nannup explained that whales carry the spirit of children who were trapped underwater when the sea levels rose back to the land. This is why whales beach themselves. The following excerpt has been taken from the Department of Planning, Land and Heritage page found at "Noel Nannup: The relationship with the ocean is through powerful stories. There is even a dreaming about a time when the sea level rose. Most of our burial sites are out there under the sea, because the sea level inundation took place between seven to 10,000 years ago. When the sea level rose, the spirit children were trapped in the area. We believe that in the dreaming, there was a deal done between Karda, the goannas, and Nyingarn, the echidnas. Both of these animals would be responsible for the spirit of those who passed on. They went down to the sea and they saw the whales there. As everything were still spirits then, Karda and Nyingarn said to the whales, “The sea level is going to rise in the future and we need to get all those little spirit children back to the land who will be trapped under the sea.” So the whales said “We agree and we will make sure there’s a spirit child in every calf that is born in that inundated area." According to the dreaming, when that spirit child is in the calf, that calf will swim up and down the coast. When it grows to become a mature adult whale, it might live for 50-80 years. One day, at the end of its life, it will swim up to the beach, strand itself and die, but it will only do that where there’s sweet water running into the sea. Thus the way that people conduct a ceremony when this occurs is to take the carcass with the spirit child and put it into the sweet water which connects it back to everything. In our way of looking at the world, that is why whales have always beached themselves; because they come bringing the spirit child back to the land. So that’s why some Noongar clans have this longstanding relationship with the sea. This story is thousands of years old and has been passed down through our oral tradition." Koolang is the Noongar word for child and Bardan is the Noongar word for a person's spirit. KBC - Koolang Bardan Carrier.

Jamie from Harrisdale


It has some history with whales

Steve from Bassendean


Obviously a great name for large, intelligent, slow moving and friendly creatures!

George from Ocean Reef


Because it's West Aussie for a blue whale :)

Nina from North Perth


It's a sturdy name that is sadly going out of fashion.

Lauren from Rivervale


As in a True Blue Aussie

Donna from East Fremantle


Pronounced in the same manner as the Hindi name, Sita, it not only takes cues from the baleen whales, the Mysticeti, it would be fitting to incorporate the Hindi name's meaning of to "furrow" - To plant the seeds into educating future generations about marine conversation of Cetaceans overall

Mark from Leeming


Plays on the genus of the blue whale and is gender neutral

Tonja from Heathridge


Blue whALE --> BALE "Bale the Blue Whale" Easy to remember, kids will love it!

Jamie from Alfred Cove


Djinda is a Noongar word meaning Star. I believe this blue whale will be the star of the museum.

Brianna Paige from Piara Waters

Big Blue

Because it's a blue whale!

Leigh from COOLBINIA


Nyoongar for whale (but please check that!).

Erika from Perth

Brian but pronounced Brine.

I believe the name speaks for itself.

Damien from Perth