• The Speaking Equally panel (left to right): Elizabeth Lang,  Fadzi Whande, Bobbi Henry and  Sender Dovchin

    3 Nov 2022

    Racism: Having the difficult conversation at WA Museum

    Explicit and casual racism continue to be a daily experience for many Australians, as evidenced by recent events in WA.

    It is therefore, perhaps timely that the next scheduled In Conversation event at the WA Museum Boola Bardip deals with the difficult and complex issue of racism.

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    Kasper Johansen

  • Frog and Brolga interactive experience

    30 Jun 2021

    Jirraginy joo Goorrarndal: Frog and Brolga

    A Gija creation story

    This online interactive experience of the Gija Creation story ‘Jirraginy joo Goorrarndal: Frog and Brolga’ is an adaptation of the Gija permanent interactive display panel situated in The WA Museum’s Boola Bardip Origins Gallery.

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  • Karen Posing with locals’ on Zambia’s Barotse Plains, near the Angolan border.

    20 Jun 2017

    Museum Week 2017

    Anthropology looks at the social practices that make humans human.

    By analysing social interactions, traditions, cultural habits, and many other aspects of our everyday lives, anthropology increases our understanding of ourselves and each other.

    As part of this year's international Museum Week celebrations, the WA Museum's Anthropology department will be exploring specific Museum Week themes.

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    Department of Anthropology