SS Xantho: Geographic Information System (GIS)

The story of the SS Xantho is remarkable. Built in Scotland in 1848 as one of the world's first iron ships, it was recovered by WA Museum Maritime Archaeologists near Port Gregory over 100 years later.

Caption: Water Colour depicting Xantho with false gunports (Ian Warne).
Credit: WA Museum 

Courtesy of Museum intern Aaron Bailey, the complete journey of the Xantho is now available as a comprehensive GIS.

This incredible resource combines large datasets, records, documents, photographs, and object analysis to geographically map the history of the Xantho.


The SS Xantho GIS can be downloaded by using the following links.

Esri Geodatabase [RAR 4.1GB]

Shape Files [RAR 1.2GB]

A text version of the Xantho history is also available as an online article on our website.