ANCODS working documents

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This series comprises catalogues of Dutch wreck material prepared as working documents for the Australian Netherlands Committee on Old Dutch Shipwrecks (ANCODS) in accordance with the Commonwealth Agreement as included in the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976.

SP No. 002 Batavia Catalogue. By Myra Stanbury (Comp.), 1974.2.43 MB
SP No. 003 Catalogue of Dutch Relics. By Myra Stanbury (comp.), 1979.2.55 MB
SP No. 004 A.N.C.O.D.S. Catalogue 1982. By Myra Stanbury, 1982.1.13 MB
SP No. 005 A.N.C.O.D.S. Catalogue 1983. By Myra Stanbury (comp.), 1983.2.05 MB
SP No. 006 A.N.C.O.D.S. Catalogue 1985. By Myra Stanbury (comp.), 1985.1.59 MB
SP No. 007 A.N.C.O.D.S. 1991. Report and catalogue of artefacts. By Myra Stanbury and Fairlie Sawday, 1991.4.93 MB
SP No. 008 ANCODS 2002. Report on the Dutch shipwreck collections. By Myra Stanbury, 2002.5.89 MB