Maritime Archaeology Research Subsites

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The following research subsites have been prepared to provide insight into the research the WA Musuem has performed at some significant sites around the Western Australian coastline.


This subsite explores the story behind Western Australia's most famous shipwreck - the Batavia.

Cape Inscription

This site explores the wrecks of Dirk Hartog Island - the site of the earliest recorded European landfall on the Western Australian coast.

Treasures from the Deep

A journey that explores the shipwreck of the James Matthews, the wrecks for the Broome region from WWII, the exploration of William Dampier, and the search for de Freycinet's Ship L'Uranie.

Broken Wings

Broken Wings is dedicated to the exploration, discovery, documentation, conservation and presentation of recently discovered and WWII heritage aircraft crash sites worldwide.

Wreck Finder

This lists major shipwrecks by region.