Peter Downes

Curator of Minerals and Meteorites

Earth and Planetary Sciences

BSc (Hons), PhD (UWA)


+61 (8) 9212 3757


In addition to curatorial duties, Dr Downes works extensively in characterising the mineralogy of mineral deposits in Western Australia, including the diamond-bearing alkaline volcanic rocks – kimberlites and lamproites – and the rare earth element-rich carbonatites. Other research directions are in the geochemistry and paragenesis of secondary minerals in the oxidised zones of Western Australian mineral deposits.

Collections: Responsible for the Simpson, MDC and the Museum’s original Mineral collections; the Rock Collection; the Gem Collection; and the Meteorite Collection.

Services (to other bodies): Dr Downes is a member of the Mineralogical Society of W.A., where he regularly gives talks, and is on the commitee of the Earth Science History Group of the Geological Society of Australia.

Exhibitions and Public Programs

Dr Downes has been involved in the  development of Earth science exhibitions for the Geraldton, Kalgoorlie and Albany branches of the W.A. Museum, as well as exhibitions for the Fremantle Prison. He gave talks on diamonds in the “Harry Butler – In the Wild West” lecture series for 2011 at Fremantle and Kalgoorlie, and regularly gives talks at the Mineralogical Society of W.A., along with presentations at Australian and international conferences and seminars.

Selected Publications

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