Helen has been a Technical Officer in Earth and Planetary Sciences since 2009. In addition to looking after the palaeontological collection, other duties include managing the associated databases, preparing fossil specimens, organising inter-institutional loans and managing fieldwork logistics.

Selected Publications

Whisson, C. and Ryan, H. (2019). Review of the fossil record of the Australian land snail genus Bothriembryon Pilsbry, 1894 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Bothriembryontidae): new distributional and geological data. Records of the Western Australian Museum 34: 38–50.

Siversson, M., Cook, T.D., Ryan, H.E., Watkins, D.K., Tatarnic, N.J., Downes, P.J. and Newbrey, M.G. (2019). Anacoracid sharks and calcareous nannofossil stratigraphy of the mid-Cretaceous ‘upper’ Gearle Siltstone and Haycock Marl in the lower Murchison River area, Western Australia. Alcheringa 43: 85-113

Siversson, M., Cook, T.D., Cederström, P. and Ryan, H.E. (2016). Early Campanian (Late Cretaceous) squatiniform and synechodontiform selachians from the Åsen locality, Kristianstad Basin, Sweden. In: Kear, B. P., Lindgren, J., Hurum, J. H., Milàn, J. and Vajda, V. (eds), Mesozoic Biotas of Scandinavia and its Arctic Territories. pp 251-275. Geological Society: London.

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