Lisa Kirkendale

Head of Department and Curator (Molluscs)

Aquatic Zoology

BSc., MSc., PhD.


+61 (8) 9212 3747

Molluscs are the second largest class of invertebrates, with representatives occupying most ecosystems on the planet including the deep sea up to the tops of mountains. The group has a long evolutionary history and impressive fossil record that makes them excellent system for addressing a diversity of big questions about biogeography and adaptation/change through time. Current projects on the go at the WAM involve improving taxonomic understanding of Western Australian oyster genetic resources, developing a molecular phylogenetic framework to advance Bothriembryon land snail taxonomy and continuing work with international and other collaborators on photosymbiotic cardiids, including giant clams. This past year Lisa ventured (remotely) into the deep-sea onboard the RV Falkor using ROV SuBastian to explore Cape Range and Cloates Canyons as part of #NingalooCanyons expedition with an amazing team from WAM. The engagement aspect of the program was so successful that it resulted in our team winning the Chevron Science Engagement Initiative of the Year Award at the Premier’s Science Awards 2020!


Exhibitions and Public Programs

Lisa is currently working on the new museum Boola Bardip. She regularly participates in Science week, speaks at Naturalists meetings and provides guest lectures at local universities.


Selected Publications

Lisa’s full publication list can be found here


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Selected publications (pre-2016)

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