Field Guide to terrestrial and freshwater molluscs of the North West

These pages have been set up as a field identification tool for terrestrial and freshwater molluscs (mostly snails) in north west Western Australia. It includes basic information on the various terrestrial and freshwater mollusc families, and in some cases genera and species, that commonly occur in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, plus a list of key scientific literature that deals with each group.

Please use the links below to explore fact sheets for these animals:

This guide has been developed by Corey Whisson and Lisa Kirkendale, it can be cited as follows:

Whisson, C and Kirkendale, L (2014). Field Guide to the terrestrial and freshwater molluscs of the North West, version 1.0. Western Australian Museum, Perth.

A snail crawling over red pebbles
A crawling Bothriembryon sp. from the Pilbara region (photo by Corey Whisson/WA Museum)