Jane Fromont

Research Scientist

Aquatic Zoology

BSc. MSc. PhD.


(08) 9212 3745 jane.fromont@museum.wa.gov.au


  • Systematics and biogeography of Western Australian sponges.
  • Distribution and abundance of Western Australian sponges.
  • Marine sponges of the Kimberley region.
  • Marine sponges of the Pilbara region.
  • Marine sponges of the Ningaloo region.

Collections: oversees the management, development, facilitation of research, and profiling of the Marine Invertebrates collection, consisting of 11 phyla and 2 classes of Chordata. 

Services (to other bodies): represents the Western Australian Museum at meetings and on committees involved with the marine environment of WA. 

Exhibitions and Public Programs

Provide identifications and information on all aspects of marine invertebrates to the public, students, government departments and researchers. Presents talks and provides media coverage of work in Marine Invertebrates section and the department of Aquatic Zoology.

Selected Publications

Fromont, J., Althaus, F., McEnnulty, F.R., Williams, A., Salotti, M., Gomez, O., Gowlett-Holmes, K. (2012).  Living on the edge: the sponge fauna of Australia’s southwestern and northwestern deep continental margin, Hydrobiologia:  687(1): 127-142.

Schoenberg C. H. L. & Fromont, J. (2012). Sponge gardens of Ningaloo Reef (Carnarvon Shelf, Western Australia) are biodiversity hotspots. Hydrobiologia: 687(1):

Keesing, J.K. Usher, K.M. Fromont, J. (2012). First record of photosynthetic cyanobacterial symbionts from mesophotic temperate sponges. Marine and Freshwater Research: 63: 403–408.

Fromont, J.  & Pisera, A. (2011). A new species of the lithistid sponge genus Manihinea (Demospongiae: Theonellidae) from Western Australian waters. Records of the Western Australian Museum. 26: 109–114

Zivanovic, A. Pastro, N. J. Fromont, J. Thomson, M. Skropeta, D. (2011) Kinase Inhibitory, Haemolytic and Cytotoxic Activity of Three Deep-water Sponges from North Western Australia and their Fatty Acid Composition. Skropeta. Natural Product Communications: 6(0): 1-3.

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Takahashi, Y. Iinuma, Y. Kubota, T. Tsuda, M. Sekiguchi, M. Mikami, Y. Fromont, J. Kobayashi, J. (2011). Hyrtioseragamines A and B, new alkaloids from the sponge Hyrtios species. Organic. Letters, 14: 628–631.