An Ancient Land

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Granite colibri

The goldfields has a vast history that stretches back much further than the gold rushes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is an ancient land that has formed a unique environment over hundreds of millions of years. Thanks to these geological transformations, the area became a gold mining hotspot. The mineral-rich Yilgarn Craton is thought to contain up to 30% of the world's known gold reserves - and gold isn't the only precious material to be mined in the area.

The goldfields has a rich biodiversity, and is home to a myriad of flora and fauna species. The Great Western Woodlands, comprising almost 16 million hectares, is one of Australia's - and the Earth's - most important ecological regions. The area contains more than 20% of Australia's flora species and 25% of Australia's Eucalypt species, which are home to a variety of rare and endangered animals.