WA Goldfields

The Western Australian goldfields are unique and diverse, with a rich history that spans many thousands of years. The Eastern Goldfields, which include the gold mining towns of Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie, is one of the most colourful mining areas in Australia.

Explore how the water problem was solved, and why it is becoming a problem once again. And how did people mine without an abundant supply of this precious resource? Find out how life on the goldfield’s evolved and flourished, and what the locals did to keep themselves entertained. It wasn’t all fun and games, though – early mining techniques were often dangerous, along with many other facets of life, from fire to illness. How did the community deal with the typhoid epidemic? And why was disease such a threat in the first place?

Industrial activity has threatened ecosystems that are unique to the Eastern goldfields region for hundreds of years. In the past, the woodlines and pastoralism had a particularly devastating impact. How have these activities, along with mining, affected native flora and fauna? And what is being done to protect the natural environment for future generations?

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