Chewed Marri nut identification

The guide “Identification of chewed Marri nuts by cockatoos and parrots” (download link can be located at the bottom of this page) is the result of many queries from bushland groups, naturalists, bush walkers and others about what bird species has been chewing on the nuts. Each species has a different style – from the inelegant “chomp-chomp” style of the Forest Red-tailed Black and Carnaby’s cockatoos to the delicate style of the Red-capped Parrot and Baudin’s Cockatoo which use their long upper beak to extract the Marri seeds. The Marri nuts show the lower mandible indentations from the bird feeding on the seeds. To further assist identification, an end-on view of the lower mandible of each species is shown next to the nuts.

Drawing depicting chewed Marri nuts

The Marri nut drawings are exquisite with the shapes and tones adding such realism. All the artwork is freely available to download as PDFs and copying for educational purposes is encouraged.

Chewed Marri nut identification 2022.pdf3.01 MB