Rock Collection

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The Earth and Planetary Sciences department at the Western Australian Museum maintains a small but diverse collection of rocks. The department’s rocks are mostly derived from Western Australia, but also include a range sourced from international localities.

This collection includes historic rock specimens from early Western Australian explorers such as Edward T. Hardman and the Elder Expedition.

More recent additions to the Rock Collection include:

  • a comprehensive suite of specimens from the diamond-bearing Aries kimberlite (central Kimberley region, Western Australia),
  • specimens from the Ellendale lamproites (Western Australia),
  • specimens from the Speewah fluorite deposit (Kimberley region, Western Australia),
  • pegmatite specimens from Wodgina and other localities in the Pilbara,
  • Hawaiian basalts,
  • the alkaline rock collection of Bram Janse.
Number of items
1000 specimens