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Additional content with QR Codes

Visitors can learn more about the themes and technologies of Immerse - Exploring the Deep by accessing rich content, such as videos, photo galleries and audio, via QR codes and URLs that will be placed around the exhibition.

What are QR codes and URLs?

QR codes are types of barcodes. Use your phone to scan the QR code next to the exhibition object, this will link you directly to rich content about the exhibition. Simple instructions to enable QR code decoding applications will be present at the exhibition.

The URLs are a shortened version of a website URL allowing you to type in a short web address, taking you to the same web page that contains information about the artists and selected interviews.

To acces the mobile immerse application, you use this URL: or scan in the following QR code with your favourite decoder:

QR Code link to the Immerse mobile app

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