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Supplement 85: Marine Biodiversity survey of the Kimberley 2009–2014

Page | Updated 16 May 2018

Clay Bryce, Monika Bryce and Ben Radford (2018) Project methods and station geomorphology related to a multi-taxon survey (2009–2014) of the Kimberley (pp. 1–43) View Paper ...

Supplement 84: Marine Biodiversity of the Kimberley 1880s–2009

Page | Updated 12 Feb 2018

Preface Download preface [PDF 2.05mb] Barry Wilson  (2014) Kimberley marine biota. History and environment.  (pp. 1–18) Download paper ...

Supplement 81

Page | Updated 16 Dec 2015

specific data recorded on Kimberley islands   [XLSX 167kb] Lyons et al. Vegetation of Kimberley islands ...

Special publications

Page | Updated 26 Oct 2012


Supplement 78

Page | Updated 16 Dec 2015

a Supplement of the Records of the Western Australian Museum. Supplement 78 (Part A) N.L. McKenzie, S. van ...


Page | Updated 5 Apr 2018

Goods and Services Tax. Subscription rates for the Records and Supplements , in both print and digital ...

Guide to authors

Page | Updated 5 Feb 2019

to follow the layout and style in the most recent issue of the Records of the Western Australian ...

The distribution of shallow marine fishes of the Kimberley, Western Australia, based on a long-term dataset and multiple methods

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 3 Feb 2020

records. This reference dataset of 1,529 species should inform managers and assist the development of ...

An annotated type catalogue of the dragon lizards (Reptilia: Squamata: Agamidae) in the collection of the Western Australian Museum

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Volume 34 (2019) | Updated 31 Dec 2019

Records 34 Part 2 2019 115 Ryan J. Ellis 10.18195/issn.0312-3162.34(2).2019.115-132 ABSTRACT – The Western Australian Museum holds a vast collection of specimens representing a large portion of the 106 currently recognised taxa of dragon lizards (family Agamidae) known to occur across Australia. While the ...

Endemic species of Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Volume 34 (2019) | Updated 31 Dec 2019

Records 34 Part 2 2019 55 D.J. James, P.T. Green, W.F. Humphreys and J.C.Z. Woinarski 10.18195/issn.0312-3162.34(2).2019.055-114 ABSTRACT – Many oceanic islands have high levels of endemism, but also high rates of extinction, such that island species constitute a markedly disproportionate share of the world’s extinctions. One ...


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