The wolf spider genus Venatrix Roewer: new species, synonymies and generic transfers (Araneae, Lycosidae)

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ABSTRACT – Three species in the wolf spider genus Venatrix Roewer, 1960 are described as new: V. amnicola sp. nov. from south-east Australia, V. tinfos sp. nov. from Western Australia and V. palau sp. nov. from Queensland, the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau. Venatrix kosciuskoensis (McKay, 1974) comb. nov., V. summa (McKay, 1974) comb. nov., and V. ornatula (L. Koch, 1877) (= V. forsteri Framenau and Vink, 2001, new synonymy) are transferred from Lycosa to Venatrix, and V. magkasalubonga (Barrion and Litsinger, 1995) comb. nov. (= Pardosa daniloi Barrion and Litsinger, 1995, new synonymy; =Pardosa sacayi Barrion and Litsinger, 1995, new synonymy; = Pardosa hawakana Barrion and Litsinger, 1995, new synonymy) is transferred from Pardosa. Allocosa percauta (Simon, 1909), Lycosa marcentior Simon, 1909 and Lycosa propitia Simon, 1909 are considered junior synonyms of V. pullastra. Venatrix goyderi (Hickman, 1944) and Lycosa howensis McKay, 1979 are considered junior synonyms of Venatrix konei (Berland, 1924) comb. nov. Arctosa konei epiana (Berland, 1938) is elevated to species status, Arctosa epiana (Berland, 1938), stat. nov. The male of V. kosciuskoensis and the female of V. archookoora are described for the first time. Notes on the type material are provided for V. furcillata (L. Koch, 1867) and V. brisbanae (L. Koch, 1878).

Author(s) Volker W. Framenau
Records 23 : Part 2
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