The wolf spider genus Artoria Thorell in Australia: new synonymies and generic transfers (Araneae, Lycosidae)

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 7 years ago

ABSTRACT The Australian wolf spider species Artoria albopilata (Urquhart, 1893), comb. nov., Artoria gloriosa (Rainbow, 1920), comb. nov., and Artoria impedita (Simon, 1909), comb. nov. are redescribed and the male of Artoria cingulipes Simon, 1909 and the female of Artoria parvula (Thorell, 1877) are illustrated for the first time. Artoria versicolor (L. Koch, 1877), Lycosa ambrymiana Berland, 1938 and Lycosa naeviella (Roewer, 1951) are considered junior synonyms of Artoria berenice (L. Koch, 1877), comb. nov. Based on the original species description, Artoria pruinosa (1. Koch, 1877), comb. novo is transferred from Dingosa Roewer, 1955.

Artoria parvula is recorded from Australia for the first time and updated distribution maps with considerable range extensions are provided for most
other Australian species of Artoria (A. albopedipalpis Framenau, 2002; A. alta Framenau, 2004; A. avona Framenau, 2002; A. flavimana Simon, 1909; A. howquaensis Framenau, 2002; A. lineata (L. Koch, 1877); A. mckayi Framenau, 2002; A. quadrata Framenau, 2002; A. triangularis Framenau, 2002; A. ulrichi, Framenau, 2002.

Author(s) Volker W. Framenau
Records 22 : Part 4
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