The water mite genus Recifella from Australia (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Unionicolidae)

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 6 years ago

ABSTRACT – Eight new Recifella species are described: R. crassipalpis, R. hyporheica, R. emma, R. kakadu, R. kimberleyensis, R. Iigulifera, R. ornata and R. pseudoszalayi. One of these, R. hyporheica, is the first reported hyporheic species of the genus. Recifella pectillata Smit is synonymized with R. baltoona Cook. New descriptions are provided for the females of R. agnosta Cook, R. flagellata Cook and R. pinguipalpifera Wiles, the latter reported for the first time for Australia. Many new records are given, especially for the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and a key is given for the Australian species.

Author(s) Harry Smit
Records 23 : Part 4
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