Two new species of the Delma tincta group (Squamata: Pygopodidae) from northwestern Australia

WA Museum Records and Supplements | Updated 6 years ago

ABSTRACT – Analysis of allozyme and morphological variation has revealed that two pygopodid lizard species are presently confused under Delma pax Kluge, 1974. Delma pax is redescribed and shown to be confined to the Pilbara region, while a closely related, new species is described from the arid deserts of western and central Australia. A second new species, endemic to the Cape Range Peninsula, is also described. Among Western Australian specimens previously referred to D. borea Kluge, 1974, those from the Pilbara islands are confirmed; however, all specimens from the Pilbara mainland and arid desert localities are reallocated to other taxa. Both of the newly described species belong to an expanded Delma tincta group which displays a complex biogeographic pattern in northwestern Australia. An updated key to the Delma spp. of Western Australia is provided.

Author(s) Brad Maryan, Ken P. Aplin and Mark Adams
Records 23 : Part 3
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